Case study, need to use ASE-C to identify the problem and then write a report to the general practitioner. please see the attached folder (Task description) for more information.

Task description:

You have this case; you will be required to source and interpret evidence in the context of patient case data to develop a patient focused clinical plan aligned with the NPS prescribing competencies framework. This clinical plan will be clearly communicated via a written report to the patient’s general practitioner. The NPS prescribing competencies framework can be found at:


Maximum of FOUR (4) A4 pages, (including your references, tables, figures etc..)


Learning outcomes measured for this task:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the NPS prescribing competencies.

2. Apply the NPS prescribing competencies to develop a patient focused clinical plan

3. Communicate clinical plan clearly to relevant audiences

What you need to do:

Step 1. Comprehensive Medication Management Review:

You will be given a patient relevant medical and social history, as well as a list of current medications and any relevant pathology results. You will need to undertake a comprehensive medication management review of the patient, in line with the best available evidence and best practice. The aim of the comprehensive medication management review is to identify any problems, resolve and prevent medication-related problems, and to optimise medicines use in partnership with the patient and their medical practitioner.

Each medicine should be assessed to determine:

1. Appropriateness

       o Is there an indication? What are the goals of therapy?

       o Best practice therapy?

       o What are the potential risks and benefits of treatment?

       o Is there a clear contraindication?

       o Is an appropriate treatment missing?

       o What costs are involved?

2. Safety

      o Is the dose appropriate?

      o Are there any interactions? (drug/drug, drug/food, drug/condition, drug/test)

      o Is the patient experiencing side effects?

3. Efficacy

     o Is the expected outcome being achieved?

     o Is the monitoring (laboratory and on laboratory) adequate?

      o Is the dose adequate/too low or too high?

4. Ability to be taken by the patient as intended (if appropriate)

      o Compliance/adherence

Step 2. Clinical Plan and Report

Following the review, prepare a comprehensive clinical plan in the form of a written report that incorporates your findings and recommendations and justification of these, to address the patient’s medication related problems. This report will be communicated to the patient’s medical practitioner.

In your report you must also detail the intended goals of therapy and any appropriate follow-up or monitoring that should occur to determine actual patient outcomes.

You should formulate and prioritise recommendations for resolution or prevention of any identified medication-related problems in the report to the general practitioner.

You are expected to write a comprehensive, professional report utilising gold-standard resources, and appropriate referencing to the patient’s general practitioner. (See the attached Rubric).

The report should also include:

• name of the referring medical practitioner and pharmacist performing the review

• details of the patient’s nominated community pharmacy

• details of other healthcare providers you would contact as part of the comprehensive medication management review process

• a summary of the patient’s medicines experience (if appropriate), including their understanding, concerns, preferences, beliefs and behaviour

• general comments about the patient’s ability to manage and administer all medicines (if appropriate)

• any advice and resources, you would provide to the patient

• any unanswered questions including the rationale for needing this information.

You may choose any format for your report. You may wish to draw inspiration from:

The ASE-C-POP template

•Sample DMMR plan  – OR

Sample MMR Plan

Sample HMR Report to GP

You have a maximum of FOUR (4) A4 pages to write this report. Remember this includes your reference list or tables.

Resources available to complete task:

For this assessment you may wish to access:

•AMH 2020

•The therapeutic guidelines 2020

•NPS MedicineWise

•Recent Scientific Journal Articles


•Natural Medicines Database

•Prescribing guidelines and position statements are also available from many chronic disease organisations (e.g. National Heart Foundation)

*websites are not appropriate for this assessment, e.g. Wikipedia,

The type setting should be 12- point Calibri

Margins: 2.54 cm for all four margins (top, bottom, left and right)

Line Spacing: Use a line spacing of 1.15

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