The purpose of the task is to analyse the effectiveness of the ‘drinkwise Australia campaign,’ in relation to specific PR Campaign guidelines

COMU1052 Introduction to Public Relations
Course Assessment
Assignment 2
Task: Case Study Analysis
Weighting: 50%
Length: 2000-2500 words
Due: 20 September 2020 @ 4:00pm
Submission: To be lodged via course Blackboard
This assignment task is designed to enable students to demonstrate their understanding of key elements of
effective, best-practice, public relations campaign design, and to apply this understanding through critically
analysing a public relations campaign case study.
During the workshop in Week 6, a best practice PR campaign planning framework will be provided. Students
will form peer groups (4-5 people), and will undertake a critical analysis of a case study public relations
campaign plan that will be provided. This experience will give students a strong role model of the process to
be used for this assignment.
After the workshop, each student is to prepare a 2000-2500 word report of an analysis of a case study. This
case study will be made available via the course Blackboard.
Your purpose in this report is to present a case on whether or not the campaign plan is effective or not –
whether it contains (and effectively applies) the components of campaign design identified via best practice
An important part of this assignment is demonstrating your understanding of best practice frameworks (for
example, the framework that contained in the course textbook by Smith, the Public Relations Institute of
Australia Golden Target Awards, and the Public Relations Society of America Silver Anvil Awards).
Your paper will be assessed on the quality and depth of your critical analysis. Ensure the critical analysis is
explained and justified. The report should not be simply descriptive.
The report should also include recommendations for improvements of the plan. Suggested amendments and
inclusions to the campaign plan should be provided, with specific examples of redrafted elements included.
Ensure that all sources of information used in this report are acknowledged via intext referencing and a list of
references (using APA referencing format).
The report should be prepared in Microsoft Word format.
The document itself should be formatted with 1.5-2 line spacing, minimum size 12 font (preferably Times New
Roman), and 2.5cm margins.
The report is to be submitted via the course Blackboard.

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