Recommendation Report

Content and Audience

The recommendation report for this assignment will be written to assist others in making a decision or choosing the solution to a problem, as discussed in Chapter 18. In this project, you are going to consider various forms of online collaboration tools. Chapter 4 outlined several different opportunities for virtual collaboration, but more have developed even since this textbook was published!

In this project scenario, an executive at your company has requested a recommendation report to decide what tool is best for virtual collaboration among employees in your field who need to work together to develop new products or services. This means your suggestion will be specific to getting work done in your major or field, so keep that in mind for your work! First, select 2-3 examples of online collaboration tools that you can compare; and then, develop the criteria you will use as the basis for your evaluations.

Your primary audience (the person who requested the report) is an executive who needs to make a decision. Your secondary audience (other employees) will not make the decision but will use the report. The report will have sections with headings so that all readers can find the information they need to do their jobs.

Resources related to online collaboration tools:
And more! Try an online search, or chat with others in your field to learn what they use.


Please closely review Chapter 18 while developing the document. Your report of 3-4 pages should, at minimum, include the following:

-Purpose statement:
Describe the problem or situation—the reason why a decision must be made.
State the purpose of the report (identifying this as a recommendation).
-Executive summary:
List the conclusions—the main reasons for the recommendation.
State the recommendation—the action that should be taken.
-Discussion (body and details):
This may include specific components such as Research/Evaluation Methods and Results.
Write separate sections with specific headings (like Features, etc.) showing the main points supporting your recommendation.
Main points, which were briefly presented in the Executive Summary, are discussed here in more detail.
Use illustrations (images, figures, or tables) whenever they would help the reader understand the details.
OPTIONAL: Use attachments for backup details that are highly technical, that are bulky, or that only some readers would need.

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