Identify a concept or a term learned in this course

FOLLOW the three ppt and answer two question, first question write no more than 125 words.
Law is complicated. Should we simply ask a judge to make a sensible decision and forget about legal arguments including previous court decisions? Hint: review the concept of stare decisis.

In your answer, please note sources, for example, the page number of the textbook or powerpoint presentation. If you are refer to any of the materials on eclass/moodle, simply put the link.
For example, if you refer to the textbook and one of the pre-recorded lecture, then your answer looks like this:
“This is a sample answer (page 123 of the text book).
SECOND question is In this course, we will learn many legal concepts and terms used in business transactions. The purpose of this exercise is to build a repository of these concepts and terms so that students understand and use them in analyzing legal problems.

This question is worth 40 points.


Identify a concept or a term learned in this course.
Look at the example of ‘class action’. It is under “E” – “Example: Class Action”.
Click “add new entry”. In your entry:
Describe the concept or term in your own words.
Note where this concept or term can be found in the course materials, for example, page number of the text book or page number of powerpoint.
Explain why this concept or term is relevant in the workplace or business transactions.

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