APA Paper Rubric:   This paper will be in APA format and will be 5 pages of content and then also include a title and reference page. You must have at least 5 scholarly references that are not older than 2015.  
Required element of paperPoint value
Disease/disorder introduced and etiology described5
Three to 5 risk factors of the disease/disorder included5
Four to six clinical manifestations of the disease/disorder included5
Three (3) total treatments of the disease/disorder ~one (1) one nonpharmacologic intervention 5
~Two (2) pharmacologic interventions including mechanism of action and side effects to watch for (10 pts)  10
Two (2) appropriate nursing diagnoses for this patient with appropriate nursing interventions included with rationales10
APA format and 5 scholarly references properly formatted and recent (not older than 2015)

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