This is a Signature Assignment for Oral Communication

This is a Signature Assignment for Oral Communication

Learning Outcomes

Evaluate PowerPoint presentations.
Create an engaging PowerPoint presentation.

Please read Chapter 10: Developing Business Presentations from Business Communication for Success ebook and the accompanying background resources.
(University of Minnesota. (2015). Chapter 10: Developing business presentations. In Business communication for success. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. Retrieved on January 29, 2018, from

Create a PowerPoint slideshow as described here. Add audio to the presentation by using the “Record Narration” option under the Slide Show tab in PowerPoint. Since you cannot do audio can you please add speaker notes so I can say them on audio.

The presentation must have at least 9 slides, including the opening and ending slides which should not be blank. Include the appropriate recorded narration for these slides.

You are acting as a nutrition consultant to the restaurant. Address your presentation to Mr. Adrian Hammersmith, owner, and his staff at Adrian’s Steak House, 974 South Cobb Drive, Marietta, GA 30060. You will explain information about the Healthy Dining program which can be found at the Healthy Diet Finder (2015) home page (The home page is primarily for diners. A link at the bottom of the page, labeled “Nutrition Services,” takes dietitians and restaurateurs to information about nutrition and other services. The presentation should provide the audience with an overview of the program, including information about the services provided by and benefits of Healthy Dining. Additionally, you should have at least one slide that describes the impact on the staff that adopting the Healthy Dining practices will have.

Save the PowerPoint presentation with recorded narration as a slideshow.

Assignment Expectations
The PowerPoint slideshow must be professionally prepared and include narration. (PowerPoint presentations should not be larger than 10MB.)

No citations and formal bibliography are necessary.

Signature Assignment for Oral Communication

Oral Communication (OComm)

Oral communication is a prepared, purposeful presentation designed to increase knowledge, to foster understanding, or to promote change in the listeners’ attitudes, values, beliefs, or behaviors. Long Projects. Signature assignments that assess oral communication in particular assess the organization, content, adaptation to audience, and delivery.

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