Strategy and Planning Analysis: Organization Goals (Bank of America)

In this coursework assignment, you will be answering to two question prompts. You will write a 1 paragraph response to each of the question prompts. In total, you will be writing two paragraphs. These two paragraphs combined must be AT LEAST 1 full page (not including cover and reference page).
———-Begin Question Prompts———-
Paragraph #1 Prompt: What are Bank of America’s short and long term goals? Are they published for both internal and external constituents viewing?
Paragraph #2 Prompt: Discuss Bank of America’s goals compared to those within the industry. Are they partnering with others inside or outside the industry?
———-End Question Prompts———–
Additional Important Instructions:
-Your response to the two question prompts MUST be based on the reading materials from the attached file, titled, “Reading and Background Materials.”
-You are welcome to use your own additional references, but you must reference AT LEAST one of the “reading materials” for each of your paragraphs. (This means you will have to use at least 2 of the references listed on the attached file, titled, “Reading and Background Materials.”)
-Please make sure you are citing your references, both in-text and on the reference page, per APA guidelines.
-Please make sure you are answering ALL PARTS of each of the question prompts in its entirety! Do not leave any parts unanswered!
-Please make sure your responses are very detailed. Plus, make sure you explain your answers well, concise, and clear!
This assignment will require you to research your own information regarding Bank of America. Which you will discuss along with the references attached to answer the two question prompts.

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