Select two topics and write a comparison/contrast essay.

Select two topics and write a comparison/contrast essay.

You decide: are you saying two things are similar (compare) or different (contrast) or a combination/

You thesis should make this clear.

British Romanticism shares some of the qualities of American Romanticism but generally has a darker tone.

All papers require an introduction that starts general and finishes with the thesis. (approx. 6 sentences)

Depending on your organization, you should have 2 or 3 well-developed body paragraphs. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence and be developed by examples. Each paragraph should also have a final sentence wrapping up the point.

You should have a conclusion that answers the question “So what?” You’ve told your reader all this information about your topics, so what? What will you do now? What should the reader do now? Why does it matter at all?

*Starts general and moves to specific. 6 sentences…recommended length.

Thesis Statement:
*Identifies two topics to be discussed.
*Comes at end of introduction.

Body Paragraph #1:
*Topic Sentence
*Closing Sentences
*Development by examples

Body Paragraph #2:
*Starts with Topic Sentence
*Ends with closing sentence
*Developed by examples

*Any point you bring up is covered with both topics.

*You pick an organization and stick with it.
*Keep the order of the topics the same in each body paragraph.

*Answers the question, “So What?”

*Spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
*Avoid sloppiness like lower-case i and words like “kinda” and “gonna”

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