Discuss the coach-athlete relationship and factors that may be implemented by Bill

PHE2ACW – Individual assignment
PHE2 ACW – Athlete and Coach Welfare
Individual Written Assignment
1500 words
Submit via Turnitin:
• Students are required to read the case study below and answer the subsequent
questions in accordance with the marking criteria sheet.
• It is recommended that students utilise additional resources to answer and support
their responses. For instance, where relevant, responses to questions should be
supported by reference to sport welfare / wellbeing literature, theory, and reference
to major course concepts.
• Material is to be referenced in accordance with APA 6 referencing style.
• References are not included in the word count.
Name: Michael Muntee
Age: 21
Sport: Soccer
Michael is a 21 young male from Nirgunda in Central Australia.
Michael completed year 10 at the local secondary school in Nirgunda and has since been
working as an artist in the local community. Michael has always loved ball sports and is a
talented soccer player.
Twelve months ago, with the support of his parents and five siblings, Michael took part in a
talent search program held in the NT and was identified as a “gifted athlete”.
As such, he was offered a two year scholarship to relocate to Melbourne to play for the
Malvern Magic A-League soccer team.
Michael has been living in Melbourne for the past four months.
He is currently living with a host family in Malvern Victoria. The host family consists of Judy,
Peter and their two children Tom (aged 12) and Annabel (aged 10).
Michael is yet to receive his driver’s licence and therefore is heavily dependent on his coach
Bill to get him to and from training.
PHE2ACW – Individual assignment
Peter and Judy have noticed that since his arrival, he has been quite reserved, withdrawn and
“melancholic.” According to the soccer coach, Bill, Michael appears to be self-confident and
highly talented with exceptional ball skills but when he is training with the soccer group, he
appears to lack confidence on the field and at times appears unmotivated to engage with
other players and the coach. Because of his perceived attitude at times, Bill is dismissive of
After the training sessions when Michael returns home, Peter and Judy have reported that he
wants to be left alone and rarely comes out of his room. Despite many attempts of the coach
and team leaders to involve Michael in the clubs social activities Michael is highly reluctant to
interact with other players and refuses all invitations to go out with team members.
In conversations with Peter and Judy, Michael had mentioned that he had high expectations
of himself and wanted to successfully represent his family and provide financially for his
Peter and Judy have noticed that Michael is spending more and more time on the computer
playing games of a violent nature. Michael has also been asking Peter and Judy to loan money
with increasing regulatory. Given he is on a relatively good wage and seems to have few
outlets for spending this income, Peter is suspicious that Michael is betting heavily online.
PHE2ACW – Individual assignment
Individual Task:

  1. Discuss the coach-athlete relationship and factors that may be implemented by Bill
    (the soccer coach) to enhance the relationship.
  2. List and discuss the duty of care issues in this situation?
  3. List and discuss 2 other key people who “owe a duty of care” to this athlete
  4. How might motivation be influencing the situation? (make reference to the SDT)
  5. Discuss the 3 components of cultural competence and how this may influence,
    planning, implementing and working with this athlete
  6. How might Michael’s personality be impacting on the stressors that he is facing?
  7. Do you perceive Michael to have a mental health disorder (agree / disagree)?
    If you agree, what disorder or disorders is he displaying? Provide evidence of this
    through reference to signs and symptoms of the condition.
    If you disagree, please provide a strong rationale to support your answer.
  8. Discuss ONE services that would you recommend to this athlete and provide a
    rationale for your recommendations

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