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MGMT3025 TR Business Engagement, Trimester 3 2020, assignment one requirements Page 1 of 2
MGMT3025 TR Business Engagement, Trimester 3 2020: Assignment one requirements
This assignment consists of two parts. You must complete both parts. A template will be provided.
You must use this template to complete both parts of your assignment.
Part one requires you to read three articles. The articles present different viewpoints relating to topic
one (digitisation, robots and AI). They are:

  1. Let’s stop worshipping Silicon Valley in 2019. By Ted Bauer. ProQuest Document ID
  2. What will be the AI effect on jobs worldwide. By Prem Jagyasi. ProQuest Document ID
  3. Don’t Fear the Robots – Smart machines will replace some jobs, but they will create many more.
    By Jerry Kaplan. ProQuest Document ID 1921386292.
    Part one: Three annotated bibliographies
    In part one, you will prepare an annotated bibliography for each of the articles identified above
    (three annotated bibliographies in total). Each annotated bibliography requires the completion of
    five sections. The template identifies what your annotated bibliographies must cover.
    Part two: Essay
    Part two requires writing an essay which will cover two topics:
    • Drawing on the articles you read in part one, as well as further research of your own,
    critically consider the effect of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) on economy-wide
    employment. In the future, what effect do you think automation and AI will have on
    jobs in the economy as a whole? Why? If your opinion aligns with any of the viewpoints
    raised in the three articles, you should highlight this.
    • Now think about your future. Reflect on all that you have learnt from the articles, your
    research and the first part of your essay. In the future, what do you think the effect of
    automation and AI will be on you? Specifically, we want you to consider your future
    employment. Think about what profession you seek to take up, what career you wish to
    have and what business endeavours you wish to pursue. How do you think automation
    and AI will affect these and why?
    Your essay has a strict word limit of 1500 words. In-text citations, headings, sub-headings and the
    end of document reference list do not count towards the word limit.
    In your essay, you are expected to refer to a minimum of five credible sources (other than the three
    articles provided, or any article posted to the discussion boards by the teaching staff). You are
    expected to use these credible sources to provide evidence and to support your arguments.
    MGMT3025 TR Business Engagement, Trimester 3 2020, assignment one requirements Page 2 of 2
    Sources are not limited to academic sources. References can include newspapers, industry reports,
    opinion pieces – any source which is reliable and relevant is an acceptable source to use. However,
    you may only use English language references.
    Further conventions of your essay, which you are expected to follow, are:
    • Your essay is an academic piece of writing. It must therefore have an introduction, body
    paragraphs and a conclusion.
    • The essay should be well structured: there should be a logical flow from one paragraph to
    the next.
    • As the essay asks you to reflect on how automation and AI may affect your future, as well as
    to state your opinion, the use of first person language is acceptable.
    • The essay should use Chicago 17 referencing. Full in-text referencing AND a complete end
    of document reference list are expected.
    Further details, including the template and the marking rubric, are provided on Blackboard.
    If you have any questions, please ask them on the relevant discussion board thread in Blackboard.
    Submission requirements
    Both the annotated bibliographies and the essay must be completed using the template provided.
    Both parts of your assignment should be completed and submitted in one word processed document.
    Submit the document using the Turnitin submission link on Blackboard.
    You must submit your assignment before 2359 Perth time, Sunday 4 October 2020.

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