Abortion paper

Now that we have spent a week looking at the academic research methods available to us, it is now time to do a deep dive into the topic you have chosen. The first step is to develop a unique thesis on your research topic, as defined by page 365 in our textbook. A thesis is a debatable position, so make sure this is an argument with writers on both sides of the issue. Make this an argument in the format of Claim X on Topic Y because of Reasons 1, 2, 3, etc. Here are the parts you will include in this Thesis essay on this topic, so research and write about these one at a time for a first draft of 3+ pages.

Claims of Facts are set up as: Fact X is/is not true on Topic Y for Reasons 1, 2, 3, etc.

II. Define the Problem that has arisen from some misunderstanding and/or lack of understanding currently on some contemporary topic. This lack of understanding on the topic should be the problem for an Argument of Fact.

A. Form a definition of the Problem of this topic.

B. Summarize the History of the Problem with sources. What are landmarks on the timeline of this problem?

C. Locate the Origin of the Problem.

III. Support your claim with 5+ support sources. Use those sources for facts, statistics, quotes, etc., but also demonstrate how you improve/expand/advance on the ideas of the previous writers.

IV. Define the Affected Groups

A. Identify the causal agents involved in this Problem: Group/s X.

B. What groups are directly affected by the Problem? Group/s Y.

C. What will happen if this problem is not solved?

D. What demographics define these groups?

V. What is the counterargument to this debate? Cite at least 2 sources that represent the opposing (and therefore wrong) side of this debate, and cite the logical fallacies for that position. Just as a values argument most point out ethical fallacies in the opposing side, an argument of fact must refute logical fallacies found in the opposing side.

VI. What are different interpretations you arrive at from the same evidence as other writers? What is a perspective or application that is new or untried in your thesis? Those should be the characteristics that lead to the desired outcome.

VII. Conclude with a summary paragraph of how your thesis is superior even to previous support positions or claims, and how this correct understanding leads to some benefit for the affected groups (Y) that you have identified, and how the causal groups (X) have been negated or nullified.

VIII. Have an MLA Works Cited List with 5+ sources you used and cited in your paper listed at the end.

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