In November 17, 2018, Around 3 Am In The Morning An Uber Driver Was Approached In Uptown Dallas By A Customer Who Requested A Ride Home To Prosper Texas. He Claimed His Friends Left Him And No Way Of Getting Home, Since His Phone Battery Was Dead He Offered To Pay The Driver 80$ In Cash

An Uber Driver Was Approached In Uptown Dallas By A Customer

Assault on an Uber Driver

        An Uber driver was assaulted on 17th of November by a customer who had requested him for a ride to prosper Texas.  He had promised to pay the driver 80$ cash after they reach the destination. Once they were at the destination, the driver requested for the pay, but the passage refused to pay. He jumped out of the vehicle and when the driver approached him asking for the pay. The passenger assaulted him. The driver suffered swelling, redness and pain on his left side of the jaw and the lower mandible.

        Due to this assault, the driver was not courageous enough to drive again for a few weeks, and this had so many effects on his earnings. The drivers used to earn something between 1200-1500 in a week but were cut by 60% since he could not drive during the late nights and in the weekends where most of his income came from. The fear inflicted into him by the harsh passenger caused him to fear for the rest of his stay in the uber business. Due to cut in his earnings, his lifestyle changed and he could not sustain his bills. He went through a financial crisis which made him change his way of living. This change in financial flow affected even his family. He was not even able to pay his rent for the months that followed, and he was forced to vacate his house and move to a smaller one. In the uber-company, they were being paid on commission, and the company also reduced his salary due to the low amount of money that he generated towards the company.

        The emotional attached to this horrifying situation was too much for the driver. Sometimes he would experience both high and low moods through his daily life. The depressing feeling persisted and even interfered with the ability to carry on with his daily activities and lost the interpersonal relationships.  He was faced with major depression with periods of prolonged, constant and deep depression. He started having sleeping problems, his appetite changed, he felt a lot of fatigue, self-hate, guilt, and he felt worthlessness. He could not concentrate and make sound decisions; he was always restless and could get irritated with anything small. His relationship with his family went down. He withdrew from his normal pleasurable activities and felt hopeless and helpless.

         He also developed dread feelings due to depression. These feelings persisted for a very long time, and it always made him worry about upcoming situations. This made him avoid people, and he had a lot of difficulties in coping with everyday situations due to anxiety disorders. Due to stress, he could experience confusion most of the times, and it was hard for him to concentrate. It became hard for him to learn new things and making decisions became hard for him. His work efficiency and productivity reduced. Most of the time when he did any poor work or something wrong, he would jump to defend himself and even sometimes he had problems communicating. He was socially withdrawn and lived in isolation. The financial and the emotional distress attached to the incident of assault made the driver so paranoid that he was forced to leave the job and look for another type of employment.

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