As An Employee Or A Manager In Either The Legal Office Or The Engineering Department, How Would You Have Prevented This Incident? Large Corporations Are Often Faced With Issues That Arise As A Result Of Disconnections In The Communication Process.

Disconnections In The Communication Process Business Ethics response

            Disconnection in the process of communication is one of the leading factor that affects large cooperation. Lack of proper communication even in a place where there is a detailed and well-organized chain of command, situations can be ethically compromised as in the case of Volkswagen. EPA investigated the claims of emissions by the Volkswagen company, and this presented the largest ever ethical scandal by the corporate. Later, the Volkswagen company admitted that about 11 million of their diesel vehicles were fitted with software that dodged the emission test findings. The software permitted all cars that emitted more than forty times the allowed pollutants to go through the national emission test. The claims were investigated and verified. Volkswagen was fined and on top of this its ethical practices were subjects to in-depth analysis (Hotten, 2015).

            A manager in the legal department would need to understand the management style at Volkswagen to be able to prevent such an ethical situation from taking place. According to Hotten (2015), the style of management at Volkswagen was termed as authoritative where the managers berated and punished the workers for any mistake they did.  The main focus of the company was the growth of their sales without paying attention to accountability. This created an atmosphere where the employees would produce products at any cost. Ethically, the ethics of the business requirements that corporates should know which practices are right or wrong and apply them in the making of decisions about the business. The legislation governing the corporation must inform the managers about the expectations of the customers socially.  This knowledge will not be enough if the managers will not uphold the community standards especially through direct involvement in programs of leadership. Managers should get involved in programs that will deter managers from exploiting and intimidating the workers.

           Legally, the company would have prevented this through the creation of a legal framework where managers report the legal and operational consequences of every new product made. This procedure would be effective if an internal reporting system were created and made accessible to the top managers. As a legal officer, I would first understand the laws that are applied in the creation of company products. I would also make sure that I make informed decisions to avoid any ethical mistake when making a decision (Jung & Alison, 2017).

           A Christian has his faith tested so many times. The bible says in the book of first Corinthians chapter ten verse eleven that many things happens as an example, and are recorded for our warning upon which the end of the world may come. Jesus offers us a chance to repent and carry on with life, and even Volkswagen should come over this incident. The company should take precaution and learn from this incident and move on.

          As the CEO of the company, I would emphasize on high public relations campaigns to stress the social responsibility of the company. Doing a thorough revision in my management sector would also be investable. Although Volkswagen tried to get over the situation by admitting to the accusations, it did not wash away the negative consequences of this scandal on the company. As the CEO of the diesel sector, I would set proper accountability measures that would be communicated through the company. This would hold every manager of every sector accountable for any non-compliance of the product. Stratulat (2019), asserts that having a good communication flow as a leader would ensure that the company promotes the company values especially the corporate responsibility and accountability.


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