Read The New Yorker Article The Art Of Failure,Compare your experiences with the examples of panic and choke described in this article.

The Art Of Failure

Most of the time people face the incidences of chock and panic as a result of different situation that are encountered. However, what majority of people are not aware of is how to deal with such situation.  Panic is a sudden feel of anxiety sometimes brought by the fear that something unbearable is about to happen. The act of shock or anxiety is believed to be caused by the body hormones in respect to impending danger. As well, the degree of chock or panic depends on the ones ability to cope with a situation or the methods applied in order to cope in that particular thing.

 Two years ago I had an interview that was to determine my promotion to the next rank in my work place. It was something that was so important since it meant a positive change not only in work but also to my living standards. Several people from both the same and different companies applied for the post. It was a challenging exercise as it involved professionals but to me it was something  I believed I would conquer so easily since I had done it before and the fact that I was among the ones who were shortlisted for the interview. In that morning, I dressed smartly with full black suit, white shirt and a blue tie. I took my few documents and headed for the interview.

At the destination, I noted everyone was neatly dressed too and actually some arrived a bit earlier. After some minutes earlier each at time was called in the interview room by the jury. I remember for the first session I was very fluent, I answered all the questions correctly as well as presented myself in an appealing way. The second session was next and everyone was to sit in a 20-minute examination to present the managerial ability and skills that an individual had. In addition to that, several arithmetic question and accounts were inclusive in that paper. Everyone was given the questions and the bell to commence rang. On the process, something strange happened to me. I looked around and so everyone was already writing confidently and to me it was like I had taken more time concentrating on questions rather than answering. On the other hand I could not imagine losing the battle I have been fighting so hard to achieve and the fact that such opportunities are rare to find. I noticed my hand was shaking and I could not write anything on the paper. At one point my papers dropped as I tried to compose myself and keep myself in track of the running time. One of the supervisors walked to my position and asked if everything was okay and I strong enough I concealed that there was nothing wrong. 11 minutes later I had not answered a single question in the whole paper that had 15 questions. I felt cold spine run done inside me. I read the question and they were simple but to me it seemed like nothing was loading in my brain I wrote anything at least to fill the paper and to avoid embarrassment from my seniors. When the results were out I had passed the first session and failed the second one. All my interviewers could not understand what went wrong after since I had defeated everyone in the leading session.

This was a form of choke and as well panic that invaded me.  The interview paper was not less than what I have been exercising for years. I was filled with anxiety when I saw everyone had already started and thus because I had the fear of alarming defeat I could not compose myself well. The situation got worse after realizing i had written nothing on my paper and the time was almost kicking. As a result I failed.

 From this incidence, and other incidences that occur to people, it is vital to go ahead and learn several basics of coping with choke and panic. Any individual must know that choking will make you have continuous failure in something rather than improving. Thus as a result, we should not waste time perfecting the action but dealing with the choke so that one can get the strength to move on.

 To manage choke or panic, firstly, a person should accept that it has happened and one cannot move the situation away. Secondly, wait and watch to see what will happen. By doing this, one will be able to make their body released from the tension and anxiety. Thirdly, talk and encourage oneself on what the action is being done. Believe you are the best no matter what situation that come in. by doing this, one will not compare themselves with the rest thus realizing the tension finally one should not fear that something will go wrong even when everything is wrong by taking in deep breaths that aids in supplying oxygen to the strained muscles, therefore realizing the anxiety in them (Tompkins, 2009).

 In conclusion, understanding what causes stress in oneself can help manage it as well as making you have success and having better skills. It helps in building confidence that is needed to lead your own self and other individuals.

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