Hungry For Change Documentary Review

Hungry For Change

Hungry for change the latest documentary that is around that was purposefully created as a health advice to everyone looking to grow health and have an awesome life. It is a documentary that denounces all the food products that are being produced commercially. They in their own way suggest that a habit of consuming natural foods is better than those produced commercially. The film brings out a conflict that stands between natural foods and commercially produced ones. It has been rated as a film that is the first of its kind that empowers and gives a provision for both a practical and also a realistic solution when it comes to choosing which kind of food is nutritiously best for consumption. Hungry for change is a film that has a similar view and opinion. They stand to argue that people are being preyed upon by the foods industry that exists. This is based on the concept that they are manufacturing foods like substances demand.

Their main aim in doing all this is to have a kind of food that has some nutrients in it but the bigger picture is that they create a craving for more of such foods. In their defense they say that for one to have good health, have a long life and lose the weight they have gained, eating simple and wholesome foods does the magic. They add by saying that these foods given by Mother Nature do not have any harmful chemical substance that interferes in anyway with the body and its functionalities. A saying goes by show me what you eat and I will show you what you are stands true are according to their argument. Their slogan you are what you it as the argue out has with stood the test of time.

From a different perspective health and nutrition as always been an issue of discussion over a long period of time. With the global warming effect and the change in climate there is a decrease in naturally produced goods. Even the farmers themselves are turning into use of modified vegetables that are capable of surviving and all conditions as they have been modified, tested and proven so. There is no difference between this and any commercially produced food substance. According to the nutritionist and doctors that have tried their level best to spread the knowledge about good health and nutrition the bottom line is about each and every person responsibility to make a choice on what is right for their body. What was elaborated in the film is all that has always been taught all over, in the media, education wise and still people do not heed to it. Nevertheless, the biggest question remains what we do with the information we have.

When one really looks and reads in between lines of the entire documentary the main points that they wanted to teach include how one can easily navigate through a supermarket as they select what to buy health for consumption, the real deal when it comes to diet, sugar free food substances, and products with free fats, how an individual can rise above food addiction  and any kind of cravings, what kind of food additives to avoid and how one can read and understand labels, information about fat and cellulite and how one can live avoiding and get rid of them all and how one can eat foods that will help in having clear eyes, a glowing flawless skin, and grow healthy hair. However the main subject that is on the entire documentary is healthy eating of healthy foods and the controversial and truth that is there to be said between commercially produced food like substances and the mother nature given foods. (Bellissimo,2009)

The facts that have been laid out by the entire documentary is helpful for anyone with a desire to have good health, long life and the only way to do it is by disciplining yourself according to the information shared. The most interesting part of the entire documentary is the lesson learned “fad diets, fat and cellulite”. For one to have the best in life as in for one to gain long vitality and healthy life decision making one has to not only discipline their body but commit yourself. This is because good health is not sold but gained and all through one’s lifestyle. Commercial produced food like substance is all about gaining profits while killing you slowly. The best foods are natural ones since we are also made of the same environment and anything that is not part of it as in natural will always react negatively and one will eventually destroy them.

One of the greatest draw backs that such a documentary can suffer is unacceptability. Many of us will always get across such information but since man has grown an ignorance attitude for what is really important and helpful they will always resist change in lifestyle and what is consumed. This however always makes them learn through consequences, which by then one just regrets a lot. This documentary is helpful a lot and would recommend to anyone who would require such help. Today such information is vital but scarce and hence being part of the chain link to raise a healthy nation it’s important to share it if possible.

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