A School Is Experiencing High Levels Of Teasing, Taunting, And Bullying Among The Fourth And Fifth Graders In The Cafeteria And On The Playground

A School Is Experiencing High Levels Of Teasing

Scenario 1


Teasing, taunting and Bullying are caused by many social, cultural and religion aspects of life that are spread within the human race. Most of the times, this situation may not be necessarily brought about by the students in schools but where they come from. The community is therefore responsible for the actions of the students that come within it.The paraprofessionals should work with the community by involving parents, conducting educative seminars as well as addressing it during interactive activities to ensure children are raised in the best environment that control such behaviors.

Majority of students in schools are likely aware of what going around the schools more than the teachers because more often than not they are directly involved. Therefore, the paraprofessionals should be more close to the student by interacting at a friendship level to know what is beneath. Monitoring from a far may still be not enough to know what exactly happens (Schott, 2014).

Bullying on the other hand occurs when students are not closely monitored by the adults or teachers that are in charge of them. The professionals should focus on each and every form of student bullying that is brought in hand, view the cause and the extent on which it affects the students. By this way, they will be able to curb more bullying in future.


The peer groups will either support or denounce tease, bully and harassing other according to the society they are brought in. There are communities that take male fighting among the teens is a way and a form of men’s socialization since it trains them how to be strong and have endurance to hardships (Vasquez, 2014). However, some other times bullying is done by the more powerful, lets say mature young men in the schools that oppresses the young boys and thus they have not power to denounce such evil acts in the society. This is a clear indication that if the young can be given ability to express themselves, they would do. Any form off threats should be made illegal as it does not serve right to everyone. Programs that enable every student to share ideas should be exercised to vary and consider the views of everyone involved.

Scenario 2


It is vital to foster good learning environment for both students and teachers. This can be achieved though:

Building a strong classroom community where students and teachers are able to interact with each other to create a strong network. This can be done through giving a platform where students can share about their social and culture backgrounds, pairing of work and community works (Shernoff, 2013).  Additionally, use of positive nonverbal communication during teaching processes and building self esteem within students can create good supportive learning environments.


Theoretical and practical knowledge work together not only in the school based systems but also contribute in the behavioral development of a student. The syllabus that a student’s undergoes may have effect on their daily lives which mainly entails the positive aspect of change. For example, a student may grow an interest towards a subject that can grow or boost their self esteem where it lacked thus transferring it to their normal lives.


All forms of educational leader have an impact in learning environments by the way the build the school culture. There are several ways that can maintain positive learning environments. The leaders should have and uphold good goals and values for positive education. Each principal should follow their leadership styles, teaching and discipline methods (Duignan, 2012).

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