Why Amazon Is One Of The Most Successful Companies In The World

Amazon has been a leading Company since 1990s. It began with selling books globally online which earned it more than $50 billion revenue. Jeff Bezos the Company CEO reports that it invented new options for their customer including Prime and bold bets in the physical worlds. The rapid expansion of new goods and services offered an opportunity for the retail business to offer more products in a faster and smarter way. The disciplined CEO follows six sigma-style of processes and decision driven from available data. The discussion outlines reasons why Amazon is the most successful company in the world.

Amazon aims at satisfying its customers

It trades off short-term profits to maintain customer loyalty over a long time.

It refunds its customers after delivering poor quality products such as poor video playback.

It places its customers in the front line.

Its products are offered at cheaper bargain able prices compared to other companies such as Netflix.

Delivery of products to customers is within two days free of charge.

Millions of products and items are transported to the doorsteps in one hour or less through Prime Now service.

It has now introduced one-hour delivery to restaurants, a free-book each month and ad-free video game streamed to customers for free viewing on Twitch channel. The fee is included in annual fee.

Amazon has best deals for diapers with 20% discount and a photo storage that is unlimited.

Customers with additional few dollars easily upgrade unlimited audiobooks, subscribe to HBO, and enjoy free delivery of grocery products.

The products offered are watched on Amazon’s fire TV streaming media player.

Amazon has the capability to cram more products and services into Prime, which attracts users that are more new and encourages old ones to renew their membership to buy more items.

Amazon gathers data from what products and services are sold often to determine what to offer and tastes preferred by their customers.

It has many services to spin new products and services including the dash button that replenishes popular ordered items with a tap and Alexa.

Prime has acted as the driving force in Amazon Company to move the company forward.

Amazon offers quality products and services

Media products

Amazon offers media products such as books, DVDs, music, videotapes, and software. It offers beauty products, baby products, apparel, health and personal care items, groceries, kitchen items, jewelry and watches, lawn and garden items, musical instruments, automotive items, games and toys.


Amazon sells perishable and nonperishable foods delivered on order to customer’s doorsteps. The is website where customers buy green products such as household items and apparel.

Baby products

Amazon sells nursery, gear, and feeding products. Quidsi Company bought by Amazon runs sites such as Diapers. Com (baby), YOYO.Com (toys), and (pets).

Amazon save and subscribe program offers discounts on items sold in bulk and free shipping for every one, two, and three months.


Amazon sells new and used books online and in bookstores.

Calendars, card decks, magazines, journals, sheet music among other publications.

Automotive and power sports

Amazon sells spare parts, tools, equipment, and accessories. It sells new parts, refurbished, used, and collectible items.

Beauty products

Amazon sells beauty products such as skin care products, hair care, health, and personal care, as well as bath and shower products.

Camera and photo

Amazon sells new, used, and refurbished cameras, Camcorders, and telescopes.

Clothing and accessories

Amazon Company sells new outerwear, innerwear, wallets, and belts.


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