Based On What You Learned In Class, What Is The Best Description You Have For The Study Conducted By Dr. Simons And His Colleagues? Briefly Describe The Topic Of The Study. Name And Define Two Issues That Dr. Simons And His Colleagues Found

Study Conducted By Dr. Simons And His Colleagues

Brain Game Claims

Brain games involves introducing many games to the brain that changes the functioning of the brain. It is fun, relaxing, and healthy. Word games and puzzles challenge the intellectual ability of the brain. Engaging puzzles benefit the mind. Breaking out of the normal daily routine challenges the brain and forces it to think differently. They include taking a different route, experimenting differently; travelling to new places keeps the mind fresh and sprightly. Brain games increase thinking speed, rejuvenating memory, and promoting focus (Npr, 2017).

Hamilton (2016) in his study claims that scientific studies done on brain game do not help when it comes to solving brain related problems. Hamilton (2016) asserts that brain games should not be relied on to have smarter brains, increase focus and free brain problems that come with advancing in age. However, other studies found that brain games assist people to better specific tasks and delay aging effects. Simon his colleague supports him and states that there are no studies done showing real outcomes in the world (Npr, 2017). They conducted a study on brain games and cognitive functioning involving 130 participants.

The findings indicate that the portion that produced results found that brain games assist people to better specific tasks. Exercises such as scanning baggage at airports and looking for a lost knife are good at helping the brain increase its memory ability. Simon and other researchers pointed out those only wide skills did not improve memory while narrow skilled exercises did. Rebok a colleague researcher was positive on brain games and indicated that brain training games and exercises improve the functioning of the brain and delays aging effects (Npr, 2017). Rebok supports brain-training exercises in that it takes too much effort to get results, which improve the capacity of the brain.

The Atlantic monthly group supports that brain games are beneficial to humans. Repetition of specific mental tasks such as memorizing numbers strengthens the mind in its ability to recall numbers and facts. Simple video games boost the ability of the brain to pay attention and process at a faster speed. People become better at sporting objects in their environment. Playing brain games train the deepest mental abilities, which ends up in improving all aspects of life that depends on the abilities (The Atlantic monthly group, 2017). Products such as Brain HQ promotes visual processing speed two times faster than usual, increases memory ten years, and reduces medical costs. It reverses slowness of the mind related to age and increases self-confidence. The major disadvantage of brain games is that some are very costly. Some industry fail to pay users after supporting their products. People are not born with high levels of intelligence, simple targeted brain games helps to add intelligence in the brain. Brain training exercises helps it reach its full potential and become more attentive.

I have played with Sudoku since it the most common brain game and afforded at a cheaper price. While playing I realize that my mind gets better at thinking capacity trying to generate more answers and match with present letters. At first, the brain is challenged but after restructuring, I am good at the game. My experience with Sudoku has improved my brain and eased simple tasks such as remembering where I placed various items. Practice makes perfect, the more one trains with brain games, the more the mind gets better and improves its processing speed. Neuro nation (2017) is among companies offering brain games targeted to improve certain areas of the brain. Most people recommend it after attending various sessions. Brain games should not be restricted because they assist individuals in their cognitive thinking and physical activities.


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