Students Will Select A Bornstein Chapter And Write A Paper Regarding The Application Of The Chapter To Your Organization From A Social Justice And Technology Perspective.

Students Will Select A Bornstein Chapter


Every organization wants to develop and improve their quality to compete against their rivals. Most organizations do not however have the proper ways that they can utilize to do this. Most of them ignore the important role that employees play and how they can utilize employees to reach their goals and objective. This paper will focus on chapter 18 that focuses on the improvement of quality of non-profit organizations. The paper will further discuss how different technologies can be incorporated into the project and their strengths and weaknesses.

Chapter Summary

The chapter chosen for assessment in this assignment is chapter 18 on improving the quality in a non-profit organization. According to the author, employees play an important role when it comes to performance of an organization. However, most project leaders do not pay much attention to the needs of employees. In order to improve the quality of a non-profit organization, it is important to groom employees by setting goals and objectives to be achieved. Identifying goals and objectives of the organization will require a needs assessment. The needs assessment will help the project manager realize deficiencies of the organizations which will then help in coming up with the necessary goals and objectives to be achieved by employees. It has been said that employees are the backbone of any organization and prepping them in the best way possible will see an improvement in the organization’s quality.

CVF, SWOT and 4Ps Analysis


Human Resources

This model mostly focuses on the morale, cohesion and human resource development (Quinn & Cameron, 1983). Employees need to be motivated and work together for the success of an organization. Teamwork in any organization is inevitable. Technology that promotes togetherness of employees like web conferencing, cyber-supervision through Skype and creation of virtual teams will help in providing cohesion among employees.

Open Systems

This model focuses on flexibility and external focus. It emphasizes on being ready, ability to grow and resources acquisition (Quinn & Cameron, 1983). In an organization this will mean opening up new ventures to see how well the employees and organizations respond. Social networking in Facebook and Twitter could open up the organization’s avenue to new markets. The organization can also use these avenues to grow and help their employees gain more.

Internal Process

This model stresses the need for information management, communication, stability and control (Quinn & Cameron, 1983). Availability of information is important as it leads to better needs assessment and better results. Technologies like outcome management databases and constituent relationship management databases can be used to provide important information for an organization when needed. These technologies will ensure that there is all information needed about the employees and how they are faring and how to improve their conditions.

Rational Goal

This model stresses on the importance of planning, productivity and goal setting (Quinn & Cameron, 1983). There are many technologies that can help an organization develop. Top Down Planner is one of technologies that can be used by organizations or individuals to plan on their goals and see how well they achieve them. With this kind of technology an organization can know if their goals are being achieved or not and how to rectify it. Employees can also be provided with this technology so that they can look into their personal goals and how well they are achieving them.

SWOT Analysis


The world today is dependent on technology. Organizations are utilizing technology to help them in achieving the best results there is. Incorporation of technology and daily activities that an organization undertakes will help in improvement of the quality of their products/services. Incorporation of technology will give the organization a competitive advantage over other organizations and cost advantages. An organization will use less money with technology than without it. This will lead to a better performance of the organization with maximum yields.


For quality improvement changes need to happen. These changes need financial backing for them to be successful. Technology integration in an organization is an expensive affair. One of the weaknesses that may face the organization is therefore lack of enough finances to finance projects. If there is no talent or skilled personnel to handle technology in the firm, there will be a problem because incorporation will not be successful because there is no one to implement it. Many employees may not want to use technology and adapt to changes and opt to continue using their traditional methods. Lack of finances and talent are some of the major weaknesses witnessed when it comes to incorporation of technology for quality performance.  


Technology provides many opportunities to any firm. Technology will provide the firm with an opportunity to serve many more customers which will expand their customer base. When technology is used to improve an organization’s quality better products will mean more customers for the firm. Technology also provides an opportunity to have a competitive advantage over competitors because of better services and/or products. Better products and/or services will mean a greater market segment for the firm.


Even with better technology it is not guarantee that an organization will be without threats (Taylor, 2016). There are always new firms entering the market with better prices for their products and/or services. Quality improvement will not mean that there will be lower prices and that will not deter new firms from entering the market. This poses a great threat to an organization. Technology also comes with threats like cyber-attacks that would expose vital information about an organization to unwanted parties which will lead to information being compromised.

4Ps – People

An organization has to have the right type of employees with proper skills for it to improve on the quality of their performance. The project focused on here is to improve the quality of non-profit organizations. These employees should also be exposed to the right kind of culture for them to successfully implement goals and objectives of the organization. If developed properly people involved in the organization will have the right skills which means they will do everything necessary to ensure that quality is maintained. They will have the ability of using any type of technology to bring positive outcomes to the goals and objectives that have already been set. The author highlights situations that show the importance of employees to any organization, they should be properly motivated, their skills developed and provided with goals and objectives to achieve. With this, it becomes easy for the organization’s quality to be improved.

Social Justice and Agency Impact

Understanding the impact of employees and organizational culture to the general performance of a firm was the main reason for selecting this chapter. The contributions of employees to the general success of an organization has always been ignored even if it one of the most important areas of any organization. Employees have many things that affect them and most leaders are not aware of the situations. They expect their employees to be at their best always without taking into consideration about issues like low level morale and burn out. Most of the employees work without a goal or objective which leads them to lose focus. Understanding this is important for any project leader to help in improving the performance of the firm. This chapter provides me with information necessary to understand how to improve performances of my firm by helping my employees reach their goals and objectives that will help them remain focused while at the same time improving their morale.


Improvement of quality of an organization should mainly focus on the needs of the employees. Employees are the backbone of any organization and it is therefore important to consider them when coming up with the goals and objectives of an organization. According to the chapter focuses on, carrying out a needs assessment is an important step in realizing the deficiencies of an organization. The deficiencies will then help in setting goals and objectives of the organization to ensure that employees do not experience a burn out especially during audits. Incorporation of technology is an important aspect of improving the performance of the organization and improving its quality as discussed.


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Assignment 5

My priorities in the Forrester Service Management and Automation Assessment Framework include service desk, problem management, communication, release management and roles and responsibilities that will be discussed in this paper.

The service desk is an important part of any organization (Mackey, 2010). It allows data to be easily distributed easily throughout the organization and this is why it is among the priorities. The organization’s service desk is not well equipped in terms of human resources. Its location is also poor which affects distribution of information within the organization. Moving the service desk into the work station where most employees are located will ensure that the service team is aware of any happenings within the organization that need their attention. An addition of operators will see that all the needs of the organization are met without overworking the service provider available.

Problems in an organization are inevitable at every level. Employees experience problems with the different infrastructures available in the firm (Mackey, 2010). However, with most of the problems happening, there is no proper problem management system that helps the employees in dealing with the situations.  The employees have to call contractors to deal with the situation which at times can be a nuisance. The issues are then directed to the IT operator who most of the time is not aware of happenings. Appointing one person who will communicate to the concerned party when an issue happens will reduce nuisance. Having back up plans is also important because important information may disappear but with backup the information will be easily retrieved. Some of the backup plans include creation of a cloud account and personal computers.

Release management is important in a company because it is an important part of software and IT. When there is no clear communication disruptions happen in the firm even when they can be avoided but having a release management system. Recommendations for release management include a system administrator who is required to manage miscellaneous activities like resetting passwords and monitoring dataflow. Another administrator will be dedicated to the system to ensure there are no delays and every issue is solved amicably. This will enable a chain of command to be created without any disruptions of the work that goes around the organization.

Communication is an important aspect of an organization. Communication provides an opportunity for smooth sailing of an organization because all the operations are in synch. Communication between IT and staff should enable any concerns to be easily put forward. There should also be documentation of the same to ensure that IT staff has dealt with it. This information will be easily passed around the organization. Recommendations include moving away from the traditional technology and be more focused on clients’ needs and how to deliver quality services. Everything should also be moved offsite for better communication processes.

Roles and responsibilities is one of the aspects that help an organization run smoothly (Erickson, 2012). When there is assignment of roles and responsibilities one person may end up being responsible for the entire organization which is not right. In this organization one person (Eduardo) is responsible for almost every area of the organization which will eventually bring commotion. There are many roles and responsibilities to completed in the organization including the RACI model. Getting feedback and ensuring that it is documented is important. This means that many people need to be allocated these spots so that everyone will know what their role it and thus the organization will be run smoothly.


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