Explain The Vision Of Harlem And The Vision Of Los Angeles From The The Novel Real Cool Killers And The Long Good Bye From Crime Novels American Noir Of The 1950s

The Vision Of Harlem And The Vision Of Los Angeles

The real cool killers discusses every day criminal activities involving killing using knives. Most people aim at killing Galen, A Greek with much money and likes black young girls. The long good bye discusses effects of being drunkard such as suicide committed by Roger Wade and domestic violence with evidences from Eileen accusations of killing her husband.

Harlem hospital center and Los Angeles medical center practices their vision of offering quality healthcare services to the sick, drunkards, and crime-affected individuals in the region.

Harlem Hospital center

Harlem hospital center is one of the members of New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation. It is a designed level 1 trauma center and Area wide burn center. It treats people with serious ailments in the community, and has the finest trauma teams. Its urgent care center has effected treatment by reducing waiting time. Specialized care is offered in level one emergency department, special Asthma treatment, and pediatric emergency units. The burn unit offers expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery to prevent hypertrophic scarring that is unique to the minor community. It specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery. It is also a heart care center in the American Heart association. It is affiliated with college of physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University. It engages in innovative programs including being a specialist in asthma. It is a referral center for tuberculosis (The city of New York 1).

It provides services for outpatient, inpatient admissions, and emergency department visits. It is acts as a nursing school and offers physician assistant program. Harlem Hospital Center is a health center cooperating with New York City. It has been affiliated with Columbia University College of physicians and surgeons since 1962. It has integrated with outstanding medical schools in New York to provide high quality medical care to the community. It has supported experience of medical students, training residents and physician assistants (The City of New York 2).

The vision

Harlem hospital has a vision of providing quality care that is competent and sensitive to culture and one that will be compassionate to the community. The quality care should be provided in a safe environment regardless of religion, ability to pay, nationality, and ethnicity (The city of New York 2).

Harlem Cancer control center

Harlem hospital meets its vision of benefiting members of the community by providing special medical and surgical quality health care to people who are economically disadvantaged. It is a vital force to economic, social, and political community. Cancer program offers high quality, advanced technical diagnosis center and treatment of modalities. The cancer program has received accreditation from commission of cancer of the American College of surgeons. The cancer committee registers cancer activities, and services. Harlem cancer control center (CCCH) assists in decreasing patient follow-ups. CCCH performs activities such as early detection, screening promotion programs, diagnostic, cancer treatment, programs involving patient navigation, early rehabilitation and various research protocols. The CCCH identifies and tracks patients having malignancies, colorectal screening, prostate cancer screening, and education. It acts as a leader towards development of the first state involving cancer control plan. It offers excellent cancer care to parents and offers early diagnostic facilities. It detects breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon, and prostate cancer. The patients receive adequate surgical care after initial assessment, adjuvant radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and other forms of supportive care. Moreover, efforts are made to attract patients to follow up care protocols (Harlem Hospital General surgery residency 1-2).

Comprehensive sickle cell center

Harlem cancer control center provides diagnosis, counselling and genetic counselling to affected members.

Asthma prevention project

Harlem is among the six asthma clinical research centers in the country. Asthma research team in Harlem hospital searches for causes and solutions of asthma among the 4% of asthmatic people in the country. It conducts clinical studies aimed at identifying risk factors, determines frequent emergency care for asthma care, and determines roles of stress, culture, and emotions in asthma morbidity (Harlem Hospital General surgery residency 2).

Level 1-trauma center/emergency services

Harlem hospital is a level 1 trauma center designated by the American heart association. It is equipped to handle heart emergencies and cardiac arrests. It treats patients with severe trauma among other major health crisis. It is a stroke center and a burn unit certified by the New York State emergency medical services burn center. The urgent care center in the hospital attends people having medical problems that are not life threatening. Patients are referred to primary care providers for follow-up treatment (Harlem Hospital General surgery residency3).

Basic care center for excellence

Harlem hospital is acknowledged as a Bariatric center of excellence by the American college of surgeons.

National center model TB center

The TB model center received a national grant to treat TB patients and provide other services. It uses a coordinated and interdisciplinary approach to treat patients with an aim of maximizing compliance and outcomes (Harlem Hospital General surgery residency 3).

Pediatric injury prevention program

The pediatric prevention program offered delivery and collaborates initiatives to the community. It reduces childhood injuries through offering safer playing grounds, supervised activities, and education to reduce injuries among parents and children. The program has facilitated building of 35 school playgrounds. The bike smart effort teaches third grade students street and bike safety (Harlem Hospital General surgery residency 3). The trainings have reduced accidents by 48%.

AIDS initiatives

The AIDS initiative program screens for HIV patients and those at higher risks of contracting HIV. It conducts treatments, offers social and psychological services.it provides emergency, alternate care, inpatient, and post discharge care. Moreover, there is hospice and long-term care in the hospital (Harlem Hospital General surgery residency 4).

Los Angeles medical center

Los Angeles Medical center (LAMC) is an integrated system that delivers health care in the Southern California Region.it provides a home to tertiary care program, which serves the community and members of the health plan in the region of South California.

LAMC offers special services such as  bone marrow transplant, cardiac surgery /Cath lab, certified breast center, chronic pain management, complex spine surgery, cytogenetic laboratories, electrophysiology, genetic counseling services, radiology, cancer program, OB/GYN special services, interventional neuro-radiology, minimally invasive surgery, emergency services, urgent care services, pharmacy services. It also offers NICU, Neurosurgery, neuro-Oncology, high risk obstetrics, pediatric anesthesiology, pediatric cardiac surgery, children specialty care, maxillofacial surgery, nephrology, PICU, Pediatricsurgery, pediatric oncology, regional research hub, radiation oncology, organ transplant, regional hub, surgery for movement disorders, surgical oncology, Urological, hematology, and vascular birthmark clinic(Los Angeles County 1).

Los Angeles vision

Los Angeles has a vision of striving for excellence of nurses to become the leading in nursing profession. It aims at being an employer of choice in nursing around Los Angeles county and Southern California. It is directed towards delivering quality care to patients, delivering best services to customers, and developing staff. It also aims at satisfying staff and advancing careers. It has employed highly skilled staff and nurses who provide care through collaborating with members of the health care team and collaborating with the community (Los Angeles County 2).

The nurses improve health and well-being of individuals, communities, and families through proper leadership, education, and service. Los Angeles integrates professional standards into their policies. It incorporates data obtained from benchmarking activities, research into the nursing practice to strengthen the body of knowledge in nursing. Los Angeles health care develops nursing workforce which works towards making of independent decisions, critical thinking which enhance professional nursing practice. The health care promotes a comfortable work environment, which fosters collaboration and respect to cultural diversity. It collaborates with patients, members of the community and families as well as health care team members, to involve them in the process of coordinating care through continuum care process (Los Angeles County3). It respects patient rights and families with an aim of developing sensitivity to ethical, religious, and cultural beliefs in the patient population. It has developed systems and processes, which promote proactive approach to continuouslychanging demands and the shifting priorities of healthcare environment. It recognizes the achievements of the workforce and actively involves in community outreach programs.

Safe practices

Los Angeles medical center meets its vision of offering safe care by supporting the National Quality Forum (NQF). The hospital has placed 30 safe practices that reduce risks to health care errors that harm patients. It has many employees including dedicated nurses, clinicians and physicians as well as care teams. The team has experts in early detection of diseases, prevention of illnesses in a proactive way and better treatment of chronic conditions. It attends cardiology and heart surgery cases (Kaiser Permanente, 2016). The medical center administer medicines safely to reduce medical harm, it avoids surgical complications and infections in the hospital.

Kaiser Permanente explains that Los Angeles medical center meets its vision of improving patient safety by offering perinatal care, conducting immunizations, having emergency department, conducting tobacco treatment, stroke, and venous thromboembolism. Los Angeles medical center excels in offering hospital care for heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, and surgery. It participates in regular reviews in the process of evaluating bariatric surgical programs.

Inpatient care management

Los Angeles is involved in patient care management by avoiding harm, managing serious errors, having appropriate use of antibiotics in hospitals, and conducting training in ICU and MD. Moreover, it readmits common acute cases.

Medical safety

It has computer ordered medication, and safer medication administration.

Maternity care

It is involved in maternity care through conducting early elective deliveries, caesarian sections, episiotomies, maternity care processes and performing high-risk deliveries.

High-risk surgery care

Los Angeles center has a section to conduct high-risk surgery care including aortic valve replacements, abdominal aortic aneurysm repairs, pancreatic resections, and esophageal resections.


Los Angeles controls and manages infections through detecting central line infections in ICU, urinary catheter infections in ICU, MRSA, and difficile following surgery, and availing surgical site after colon surgery. It controls blood stream infections using intravascular catheter.


Los Angeles medical center meets its vision of effective care by controlling and managing hospital acquired injuries and ulcers. The hospital uses prevalence methodology to give a snapshot of pressure ulcers on selected days. It examines consenting and hospitalized patients for pressure ulcers and new ulcers after hospitalizations (1-8).

Loa Angeles as an opportunity employer

Los Angeles medical center meets its vision of an opportunity employer by employing registered nurse practitioners in the cardiology clinic, surgery unit, cardiomyopathy center, and nurse consultant. It employs new graduate registered nurses, clinical consultant in health care programs, and nurses in baby care units. It also employs registered nurses in level 1 trauma center emergency unit, and care coach who provides patients with integrated care through collaboration with clinical staff. Psychiatric registered nurses offer excellent skills in writing and communication. They educate nurses and patients to gather information and express sympathy on the telephone. Health technicians, clinical staffs, urgent care nurses and employs health coordinators.

Pediatric vision

Los Angeles Medical center has a vision of meeting pediatric needs, which largely affects children. It complies with HPP capabilities such as preparing in healthcare, coordinating with plans set for individuals at risk among those having special medical needs. Medical surge capability ensures designation of vulnerable children population demand special response and planning. The plan outlines how children will be transported from hospitals to health facilities especially during disasters. Pediatric beds are prepared for pandemic flu, improvised explosive device (IED), and major earthquakes (Molina, 8).

Emergency department

Emergency department care for pediatric patients, meet the needs of professional staff, educate them to improve on quality, offer support services, supplies, medications, protocols, policies and procedures (Molina 9).

In conclusion, Harlem and Los Angeles medical care center have a vision of providing competent and quality health care to their patients and the community. Los Angeles hospital meets its vision by offering pediatric services, emergency services, employment, infections, injury, and surgery departments. It also provides inpatient care, medical services, maternity care, and safe practices. Harlem Medical Center meets its vision by establishing Pediatric Injury Prevention Program, AIDS initiative program, national TB center, trauma center, asthma prevention center, sickle cell center, and cancer control center.

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