Application of Management Functions to a Case Study


From the case study, the Rehabilitation Department will undergo organizational change. Since the department takes on more responsibility and an increase in the facility beds, management will apply an appropriate management function to handle the issues effectively. Thus, as a new manager, I have decided to focus on staffing for the department. It is key as the new manager that I define organizational department structure that will make sure we achieve all the objectives that are anticipated and assigned. Staffing is important to this kind of situation to coordinate and address some stuff cuts or changes that will occur as a result of the merger (Moore & Jennings, 2017). Therefore, the paper will address the application of staffing for the case study.

Importance of Staffing in a Department

Culture reflects and affects how an organization is performing especially through staffing. It is important as a manager to focus on staffing since the organization is composed of people with various skills and capability. Organization culture is learned by group members who share into new group members through socialization and communication process (Moore & Jennings, 2017). Besides, efficient staff management means constantly having the right employee and enough of them in the right position. Staff members who are well managed and well trained are better prepared to handle their jobs and serve the clients which can result in improved profits, happier customers and an increase in repeat business.

Staffing the Rehabilitation Department

By staffing the department, it is important I begin with identifying all the activities that are required as well as relevant skills of the staff members. As a manager, it is important to determine the financial accounts for the department, quality control and inventory for the departments and assign the right staff to carry out these operations. After identifying the operations, I will then combine and re-group the staff from the two organizations to related activities. It is apparent that staff reshuffle will occur due to the merger to accommodate all the staff members from the two organizations. An addition of a 120-bed facility from the previous 240 will require effective staff coordination to achieve the set objectives.

As the single manager for both facilities, I will need a supervisor to oversee various operations. The supervisor must be that person who can work with both teams. Staffing involves how to staff from both businesses to build a good working relationship (Marsden, 2017). I will align staffs that can work supervisory and train them on middle and lower level management. Grouping authorities will bring efficiency in case of issues that may arise amongst the staff. The strategy will assist maintain cost, time, effort, and avoid duplication or overlapping of efforts. This will also help in bringing smoothness in a concern’s working.

Staffing requires coordination between authorities and employees. The primary focus is to achieve the facility and the organization’s goals. With the new structure of the facility, it is important for each employee to understand their roles and responsibilities. The employees should also be aware of the authority whom they will be taking orders from and reporting to. These duties and authorities arising as a result of the new merger must be clear, and all employees should be aware of. It is apparent that the merger between the urban medical center and the local hospital will take in the employees and their operations. Thus, as a manager, I will make sure that employees can work together and engaged in realizing the anticipated objectives.


As a manager, my goal is to offer a smooth transition with the facility merger process. Staffing was chosen as a priority for the departmental functions. It was chosen because, in a merger process, the issue is always around employees from the two organizations working together and accepting the change. In addition, staffing operations aid to align each of the employees to a role that suits their skills and experience.  Staffing will enable the department to have its tasks performed more effectively. The staff will have access to information based on the policy and procedures, vendors, and management framework will increase teamwork and reduce time wastage.


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