Final Exam Marketing Communication Plan

Final Exam Marketing Communication Plan

Presentation week of August 24

Written Report & Presentation Due

Exam worth 40% of your final grade

This final project will incorporate all your learning from this course and past marketing courses. This final project will require you to do a lot of research and preparation. This project is an individual assignment with an online presentation. Your final project will be based on a current event that is happening right now, which has affected life around the world. You have to image yourself as hired communication marketing consultant working for one of the levels government in Canada. You have to choose which level of government you are working (e.g. Federal: Health Canada, Provincial: Public Health Authority- or Municipality: Communications Dept of local Regional Hospital). You will develop marketing plan on how your chosen level of government would communicated/marketed this COV1-19 health pandemic differently. You must include what they did well with in terms of marketing and what could’ve been done differently. Your job will be to write a post-pandemic marketing communication plan so in the near future if something like this was to happen again how can the government prepare for this.

You must develop marketing communication plan dealing with the communication, the message, the prevention, the audience, the language used to deal with future health pandemic. You should develop sample marketing ads, implementation plan, methods of communication, how to advise your chosen level of government (i.e. Prime minister, Premier, Mayor) Overall have a solution with an effective marketing communication plan.

Presentation worth 10% of your mark: You must be present to me your marketing communication plan. Think of me (your professor as if you were presenting this plan to the Prime Minister, Premier or Mayor). Your presentation MUST be business professional, dressed professional, and good power-point presentations presenting your solutions. You will have up to 1hr to present your case online. This will be a live presentation; this will give you practical experience of how businesses are doing business in today’s pandemic. All presentation must be using Zoom and PowerPoint only.

Written Case worth 30% of your mark: You will need to write a case study write up, it should be no longer than 6 pages. This case study will be similar to the cases you have read. Once you have completed your case report you will write your final case report. Use proper APA when needed, spelling and grammar will be important. Report no more than 15 page, 1.5 spaced, word document, excluding appendix and exhibits. In your report include concepts from the course such message development on based on demographics (should the message be conveyed differently on demographics; as we know anyone under the age 25 conveyed this health pandemic very differently compared to people over 50) What message delivery would you use and why (include stats and cost) What’s your message design and development? How would you monitor massage feedback? You are also welcomed to incorporate also marketing strategies outside this course. Its recommended to go above and beyond and think outside the box!

You are expected to complete a full case analysis and all sections to be completed. This exam is to test your ability to put yourself in the position as a manager to develop a marketing communication plan. I will be marking you on the ability to extract the needed information from the case which leads to the development of your recommendation and implementation. You will need to write this case in third person and provide a detail analysis and marketing examples. This report needs to be typed in Times New Roman, 12 size font, 1.5 space. See below for the case outline. Develop a marketing communication plan! Total marks 125

Case written report outline:

Case Study write-25 marks

This case study write up needs to include the following: summary of situation, the problem, current situation, history of Covid19, issues at your chosen level of government and issues in Canada and globally. This write up will be similar to cases you have read in the past. See examples of case studies from this course and others. This section should be no longer than 6 pages or no less than 3 pages.

Cover page & Table of content: Have your name, student number, professor name, date, course code and case title. Develop a table of contents. This is worth 5 marks

Executive Summary: In this section you’re expected write a memo in memo format addressing the memo to the executive team. You are expected to write 1-page summary of your analysis. This section should include brief overview of the situation, problem and summary of your recommendations/implementation plan. You can only complete this section of the case after the full report is written. This section is completed last. This is worth 5 marks

Introduction: In this section you are expected to summarize the whole entire case in your own words leading up to the problem statement. This section should be no longer than 1-1.5 pages. This section is worth 5 marks

Problem Statement: In this section you’re expected to state the problem of the case in your own words. This section should be no longer than 2-3 sentences. This section is worth 2.5 marks

SWOT & PESTEL Analysis: In this section you’re expected to complete SWOT and PESTEL analysis. These two sections can be done in bullet point or chart format. These sections combined is worth 10 marks.

Alternatives & Evaluation of Alternatives: This section you develop your alternatives to solve the case. This doesn’t mean these are chosen alternatives you will choose to implement. For each alternative you need to do a pros & cons list. You should’ve at least 4-6 alternatives and each alternative need to have at least 3 bullet points stating their pros and cons. One of your alternatives should be status quo (meaning do nothing). This can be done in chart format or bullet points. This section is worth 10 marks.

Recommendation: In this section are you expected to choose from your alternatives which alternatives you are going to implement to solve the case. You are expected to break down this section into 3 sections (short term, medium term and long term) In each term you are expected to write what you would do in each term. For example, in short term write out or bullet point the ideas you would do within the first 0-12 months. It’s up to you to determine timeline of each term. You can have short term of 0-3, or 0-12 months or 0-6 months but the short-term recommendation section is usually less than 1 year. Then you do the same thing for the medium and long term. This section is just an overview/timeline of what you are going to implement to solve the problem. This section should be 2-3 pages and worth 25 marks

Implementation: In this section you expand on your recommendations from your recommendation section going into details. This section is where you explain in details/step by step of how you would implement the chosen recommendation. Think of it as baking recipe and your telling someone how to bake something step by step. You will need to provide details of how this will solve the issues in the case, and this will be completed in paragraph format. This section should be between 4-5 pages. This is worth 25 marks

Control & Feedback:  In this section of your report you will write about how you will control the desire outcomes of your recommendation and implementation and explain what types of feedback report you will obtain to ensure your plan is been implemented correctly and achieving desired results. For example conduct a survey to obtain feedback etc. This section should be no longer than 2 paragraphs. This is worth 10 marks

Contingency Plan: In this section of your report you write a back up plan if your recommendation plan isn’t successful. You choose from one of your alternatives that was not chosen as part of your recommendation/implementation plan. You will write 1-2 paragraphs about the back up plan. This section is worth 2.5 marks.