Federalism and the Rehnquist Court

Research Paper Instructions

A statesman is a person who exhibits wisdom in administrating government affairs and dealing with important public issues. Christian statesmanship relates to the application of Biblical principles of government and leadership in a political context by a person of character and integrity, often in the face of grave danger or, at the very least, challenging circumstances. The statesman/woman energizes the community to get engaged in the policy solution. This term, we are learning about the complicated intergovernmental system in America and the challenges it poses to statesmen and stateswomen in creating and implementing good public policy. 

Write a 15–20 page (3,500–5,000-word) research paper in current Turabian format that answers a specific, well-defined research question dealing with how a Christian statesman would respond to an issue related to intergovernmental relations or federalism. 

You can choose any topic related to intergovernmental relations or federalism. Potential (but not exhaustive) List of Topics:

  1. Federalism and the Rehnquist Court
  2. Federalism during the George W. Bush or Barack Obama presidency
  3. Environmental/Economic/Etc. policy and federalism
  4. The relationship between tribal sovereignty and interstate cooperation
  5. Urban policy in the federal system
  6. Problems of preemption, devolution, or decentralization of the federal system
  7. Suburban (or “new regionalism”) effects on federalism
  8. Constitutional limits and effects on contemporary federal structures
  9. Comparison of the Founders’ notion of federalism to current challenges in the intergovernmental system.

Formatting Requirements:

  1. Paper must include 7–10 secondary sources to justify the student’s position and/or conclusions.
  2. Paper must contain the following organizational elements: a clearly presented research question, literature review, analysis of the issue including a description of political problems/alternate views/current relevance, and a biblical integration component specifying how a Christian statesman would respond to the issue, such as creating or implementing a specific public policy.
  3. Refer to the Research Paper Grading Rubric for other formatting requirements.

Submit your Research Paper by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.