The most important finding needs to be the association between organizational success and WHAT MOTIVATES the employees

Part 1. Provide a document that lays out the background and description of the organizational issue or problem you would like to research. Provide your problem statement. Explain why it should be researched. Compare your problem statement to the Checklist—Evaluating the Research Problem. Briefly, what is your tentative data collection plan, i.e. from whom or where do you expect to collect data, and how? (3 pages)
Part 2. Review the research that has been done on the problem or issue you identified. Be sure to relate the literature review to your problem or issue by evaluating and interpreting the information. Describe your process—including keywords you used in your search. At this time, you should review four to six quality readings/articles. Based on the articles you have found, can you more specifically and more clearly refine your problem statement? What are your initial thoughts on how and from whom you will collect your data? Comment on whether you will collect primary or secondary data, and if you think you will be implementing a quantitative and/or qualitative approach to your data collection. (5 pages)
Part 3. Within the context of your chosen management problem or issue, compose a document telling about your methodology. Label this section “Methods.” State if you will use a quantitative and/or qualitative approach and why. Detail what data you will collect, where you will obtain the data, and whether it will be primary or secondary data. Be as specific as you can and be realistic. Remember that while in this course you are designing your study. In your capstone paper you will need to implement/carry out your data collection plan and sampling. Be sure to include a description of the analysis you intend to use for your method of data collection. You must spell out the qualitative and/or quantitative methodology you propose using as well as your plans for sampling. As you think through your methodology, some questions you may want to ask yourself are: What kind of questions should I pose on a questionnaire? Where and from whom will I collect my data? (E.g., will I survey friends in my LinkedIn account or will I access U.S. Census data?) What size sample should I and can I realistically obtain? (4 pages). Present a polished, formal research proposal. This document has been under development throughout parts 1, 2, and 3 will merge together to form your research proposal. Your proposal should be complete and with practical emphasis—i.e., to the best of your knowledge you will be able to carry out your plan. Your proposal will be ready for implementation in your capstone course. Make sure your final proposal contains the following sections laid out Commentary: Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Problem Statement, Literature Review, Methodology, and References.

Problem statement, background–ABOUT 3 pages
Lit Review-5pgs
Methodology-4 pages
Final paper–about 12 pigs

  1. The most important finding needs to be the association between organizational success and WHAT MOTIVATES the employees?
  2. HOW will you collect your data? Surveys, interviews, etc?
    Please pay close attention to your writing as there are many mistakes in the attached files.