Knowledge development and implementation guide for ferries electrification in the maritime sector


Please make 4 pages and write about the methodology section means how research has been performed by looking into different sections of the paper. It should be in scientific way with diagrams. Please read the written part. The data has been collected from internet through different papers, journals, website, blogs. Please read the limitation of the data as well for ferries thousands of examples are available but we made data analysis of the 27 ferries and 10 research paper (case studies) analysis that worked on the already existing ferries and provided modifications. After seeing the literature review and other section please make research methodology in 4 pages that shows what method has been selected from a number of methods or either its qualitative or quantitative. I will provide you one or two example papers to conclude this paper as in research methodology. Like how literature review and data has been collected. The current paper is in progress but sections would be more or less the same and hopefully you would be able to get the idea by reading. Please select a number of references for methodology description and select one that how methodology has been performed. In

See literature part literature review please see the added references and make a chart how it has been conducted, words selection, journal papers targeted diagram. Same please do with that case studies on 27 ferries and 10 case examples in scientific way.

For 27 ferries information sources please see the below table as well. Objective or motivation can be added by seeing the abstract and title.

Sources research
Websites Journal Articles Reports Newspaper articles Blogs Social Media Post Presentations Conference papers

For 10 case studies journal papers, conference papers Please see the below table as well. Please let me know if you need anything else.

I have provided two example files but you can also create by using your own skills.

Knowledge development and implementation guide for ferries electrification in the maritime sector

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Abstract: Maritime industry plays a vital role in the economies of most countries. At the same time, the maritime industry has a significant impact on climate change especially near coastal areas. Maritime transport sector requires technical improvements towards green transformation. The objective of this research is to examine and provide guidelines for the green transformation of the maritime area in which Nordic countries aim to play a leading role. Electrification of vessels requires onboard electrical energy storage as well as energy supply network in the port area. A thorough study for battery technology towards electrification has been done, which have been further analyzed using case studies.. The analysis is based upon country wise electrification of ships, and leading stakeholders are also highlighted. The battery capacity, size, passenger and cargo capacities of pure electric and hybrid vessels have been analyzed in order to derive trends.