Healthcare Administration Capstone Project

Critical Success Factor: Use outline format with in-text citations for all statements presented as facts. Please do not use lengthy paragraphs.


Statement of the Problem

Required format: [Condition X leads to adverse consequence(s) a, b, and c. Source, year).]

Key Factors that Directly Influence the Problem [aka Performance Indicators]

Required format: A one-sentence statement indicating what factors directly relate to the problem and from what source(s) this information was obtained. Include a citation.

Required format: Use a table format to clearly identify factors and their associated units of measurement.

Factor that Directly Relates to the ProblemPrecise Unit of Measurement (Days, Dollars, %, etc.)Authoritative Source(s) for Factor and Unit of Measurement
Example: Sepsis% of Hospital Acquired Infections during 1 yearThe Joint Commission (2017).

Value Proposition to the Organization

Required format: One sentence that explains the value or benefit of the project to the organization.

Example: This data analysis of HAIs/sepsis will provide a baseline for insights into future quality improvements.

Value Proposition/Contribution to My Professional Interests/Goals

Required format: One sentence that explains the value or benefit of the project to your professional interests/career goals.

Tip: Craft one sentence for each of the four sections above, so your topic description is confined to four sentences. Be sure to add a citation from a peer-reviewed authoritative source to support the problem statement.

Critical Success Factor: For the problem statement, use the following format: [Identify the condition that] contributes to [identify the adverse consequence(s)] (source, year). Limit the problem statement to one sentence only.

Background: Review of the Literature

Required Format: Complete the table with a minimum of six current authoritative sources*. A minimum of one source needs to substantiate the presence of the problem, one source needs to contain factors and units of measurement (e.g., data sets) that directly relate to the problem, and one source needs to address regulatory/legal/ethical or other industry professional relevance.

Authoritative Source                              (APA Format)How the Source Directly Relates to the Problem (One-Sentence Summary)

*Tip: Refer to theFind Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Sources and Library Research/Literature Review pages on Campus to learn more about what constitutes an authoritative source for master’s degree-level research.