Strategic Human Resource Development


There is a difference in the approaches adopted to teach children and adults. Using traditional pedagogical methods to teach adults may not result in the desired outcomes. Organisations should consider a move away from pedagogical towards andragogical styles of learning. Within this context, consider a human resource development problem that you have experienced within your workplace and develop a workplace training program to address the issue at hand.

Assignment task

For this assignment you are required to:

  1. Provide a brief description of your chosen organisation and indicate a specific team or group of focus for which you will develop a training program. ( My organization is Bank of Montreal) It is a Canadian Financial Institution. You can choose any group of the Bank for the assignment.
  2. Conduct an evaluation of the learners’ characteristics in this team or group and identify any relevant individual differences in your learning group that you would need to address in developing your training program.
  3. Analyse the training needs of your organisation and use the hierarchy of learning outcomes to plan and map out the possible learning strategies you will adopt in your organisation to address the training gap identified.
  4. Develop the training program(s) that needs to be implemented. Depending on the issues you have selected, you may have to develop one training program or multiple programs.
  5. Detail the evaluation strategy/process of the proposed training program.

You need to provide adequate justifications for the learning strategies you will adopt with the help of academic materials. In addition to the textbook, focus on referring to academic sources to improve your understanding of the concepts