My version of Hamlet takes place in the year 2038, two decades from now

I have decided to take on a modern version of the play. After reading Hamlet, I feel that the play explores the question of, do we have free will? Is it better to act decisively or should we allow nature to take its course? In the play, Hamlet is in the midst of three crisis in life. One is his country being under attack, two is his family, and personal life is falling apart, and three, he is dealing with emotions that make him unhappy.

My version of Hamlet takes place in the year 2038, two decades from now. Social media is more significant than it is today, and people have forgotten how to socialize in person. Sending texts, posting on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat is the norm of communication. My version of Hamlet would still keep the focus on Hamlet seeking revenge on the man who murdered his father and took over his kingdom after marrying his mother.


Keanu Reeves as Hamlet
James Gandolfini as Claudius
Julia Roberts as Gertrude
Jennifer Lawrence as Ophelia
John Goodman as Polonius
Hugo Weaving as Laertes
Tommy Lee Jones as The Ghost

Hamlet is conflicted on how to approach the situation after getting a snapchat video from his dead father. The video tells Hamlet that Claudius, his brother, murdered him in his sleep by poisoning him and that he needs to find Claudius and seek revenge. Lurking through social media, Hamlet discovers that Claudius has married his mother Gertrude, making him King of his kingdom. With this information, Hamlet becomes suspicious of everyone around him, and he feels he can no longer trust his followers. Hamlet does not know if the Snapchat video was sent by his father’s ghost or if someone is conspiring against him. To investigate what happened to his father, Hamlet starts posting random things on social media, making it seem like he’s gone crazy.

Hamlet seeks the help of the one person he could trust and whom Hamlet is in love with, Ophelia. Hamlet hopes that with Ophelia’s popularity on social media, he will be able to discover the truth of what happened to his father. However, soon Hamlet discovers that Ophelia has betrayed him and has only been spying on him to get information to her father Polonius and her brother Laertes, who are friends with Claudius. Hamlet unfollows Ophelia, ending their friendship. At this point, Hamlet has become so obsessed with social media and the double life he has been living through it that he no longer knows who he really is and can no longer distinguish reality from the make-believe.