1 : Nursing and lnterprofussional Standards The graduate adapts an organizational change or innorration to improve qr”rality care outcomes while meeting the master’s level nursing and interprofessional standards7OO4,t

2 : Evaluating and Documenting I nnovations The graduate evaluates an organizational change or innovation as rneasured against the master’s level nursing and interprofessional standards.

INTRODUCTION Yeans ago, the role of the nurse was lirnited and easily described. ln today’s world, the nurse s role is complex and occurs in diverse settings with a broad client population. Often, nurses must combine several professional roles to manage the full range of their responsibilities. Nurses also rnanage roles that have limited domains of actual authority but targe domains of influence {and vice versa}. Master’s level nurses are now required to be leaders: whether formally or informally. For this task, you will select a healthcare organization in your area to analyze and then prepare a consultative change recomrnendation paper- As part of your analysis” you will interview a nurse leader in the selected organization. Your consultative change recommendation paper should be 7- LO pages and in APA style. Althougl-r you are only submitting this paper to WGU as par-t of your requirement for this course, you should prepare this docurnent as though you would present it to the executive board of the organization you analyzed. ln order to cornptete this assessrnent, you must carefully review and closely follow the attached “WQT2 Performance Assessment Guidelines” documenl SCENARIO You are a nulrsing consultant who has been assigned to analyze a healthcare organization in order to identify a change or irnprovernent needed by the organizaticn. In your analysis” you will use enternal measures such as HCAHPS scores, patient metrics, community needs, and cornparisons to other facilities in area. After your analysis, you will write a consultative change recornmendation to present to the executive board of the organization.

REQUIREMENTS Vour subrnission rnusf be your origdnol work No more than s combined total af 30%of the submission and no more than a 1A% matchto rny one individual sou rce can be directly q uated ar clasr:ly paraphrased frorn sources, even if cited correctty. An onsdnotity repcrt is pro vided when you subrnit your task that can be used as a guide

aspct to poss this tosk Completion of a srrlll checkfrnd grurnmar check prior to subrn itti ng yaur fi nal work is stro ngly recommended. You nrust use the rubric ta direct the creation of your subrnission because it pro vides detailed aiteria that will be usedtoeysluateyaurworkEachrequirementbelawmaybeanaluatedbymorethananerubricaspect Therubr:c aspect tities rnay contain hyperlinks to relevant portions of the coursa A Write a consultative change recommendation paper {suggasted leWth of 7-fipoges} by doing the following: t. ldentifu the purpose of the consultation and provide a summary of the consultation process

2″ Describe the organization.

3. Explain the primary needs of the population served by this organization.

4. Describe the nurse leader’s role” 5. ldentifythe characteristics of the organization.

5- Recornmend an organizational change based on your analysis. a. Justify howyour recommended change addresses the organization’sweaknesses and the cornmunity’s needs. b. ldentify a national benchmark of performance and describe a plan to measure the effectiveness of your recomrnended change. B. Attach the cornpleted “‘Nurse Leader lnterview Verification Form.” C. Acknowledge sources, usingAPA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or sumrnarized.