Environmental health practitioners

Episode 4

Activities at the food festival
Environmental health practitioners (EHPs) on site at the food festival have reported
back further details about yesterday’s activities, and what is happening at the site
today. Approximately 850 people are thought to have visited the food festival on
Tuesday 14th July. Whilst the festival was open to the general public, most of those
attending (at least 480) were young people aged 11 to 18 years. Many of the visitors
to the site yesterday were pupils and students from local schools and colleges – many
schools are taking the opportunity to visit the festival as part of the activities offered
during the final week of the school term. Schools visiting the food festival had come
from a catchment area with a radius of about 8 miles (13 km) from the event site. A
group of about 20 people from a local senior citizen’s sheltered accommodation
community also attended.
Festival organisers have confirmed that the following stalls were offering food and
drink (free samples and/or for purchase):
A J Davies Ltd
Meat products
Orchard Preserves
Preserves, jams & fudge
Boswell Valley Organics
Organic vegetables and herbs
The Viking Bakery
Scandinavian patisserie and
Fire & Ice
Small batch ice cream and
sorbets, craft beers and ciders
Maddison’s Country Pies
Award-winning meat and vegetable
I’m a Beeliever
Wildflower honeys & beehive
Bosminster Biltong
Beef biltong from local beef cattle
Newby Seafoods
Locally-sourced fresh shellfish
The Cake Fiend
Chocolate cakes and brownies,
including gluten-free & dairy-free
Billy’s Balsamics
Oil-free salad dressings with
balsamic vinegar
Petersville Park Ltd
Naturally fermented sauerkraut
and kimchi
Boswell Dairy Ltd
Artisan raw milk cheeses
Greengage Farm
Preserved fruits and fruit syrups
Curninshire Woodfired Pizza
Thin crust Italian-style pizza
Newby-on-Sea Winery
Fruit wines, sparkling wines, fruit
preserves, fruit liqueurs
Vive La France Patisserie
Hand-made fresh macaroons
The Whole Hog
Rare-breed hog roast, burgers,
bacon and sausages
Orange Grove Gin
Small batch gin produced in
Curninshire Cider
Cider, perry and apple juice made
using locally-grown fruit
Wrap it Up
Spanish and Mexican wraps and
Ecklethorpe Ice Cream
Artisan ice cream, sorbet and icecream milkshakes
Curnincester Coffee Co.
Freshly ground and brewed Italianstyle coffee, tea & cakes
Too Hot to Wok
Noodles stir-fried with vegetables,
meat and chillies
Similar activities are taking place at the festival today. All the stallholders from
yesterday are also on site again today. No new stallholders have arrived today –
festival organisers advise that some more food businesses will arrive on site on Friday
morning for the busiest days of the festival.
Impact on health services
The Director of Public Health informs the Outbreak Control Team that ambulances are
being called for throughout the region and are approaching full capacity, and Accident
& Emergency teams are becoming overwhelmed with patients presenting in person.
Most worryingly of all, many patients require mechanical ventilation for breathing
difficulties. Intensive care beds are nearly at full capacity in hospitals throughout the
Curninshire area.
Reports of the effects of botulism have reached the local and national media. This
causes a number of “worried well” people to start turning up at walk-in health centres
across the region.
Task D
Impact on local health services (8 marks)
The incident is having a severe effect on the capacity of local ambulance, accident &
emergency and intensive care services.
♦ What are the public health issues that this could present?
♦ What arrangements should be made to help manage the burden on local health
Rapid analytical epidemiological study (12 marks)
The OCT agree that it is essential that the source of the outbreak is identified as soon
as possible so that any contaminated food can be removed from the food chain and
prevent further infection.
The OCT agree that a rapid analytical epidemiological study provides the best way of
swiftly identifying the food(s) most likely to be the source. The study needs to be
developed immediately, with data collection to take place this afternoon, so that
results can be available as soon as possible.
They ask you to outline proposals for the epidemiological study.
Your response needs to:
♦ Suggest an epidemiological study design that could be used, explaining why that
design is appropriate for use in this situation
♦ Explain an appropriate case definition
♦ Explain how you would identify and select people to include in the study
♦ Explain how you would collect data and what analysis you could conduct
Submit your response in a single file to the link provided on Moodle.
This task is worth 20 marks (out of 100 in total)
Guidance on word count: approximately 800 words.