Critical Thinking Assignment

Module 07: Critical Thinking Assignment


1.Points Possible


2.Critical Thinking Assignment (105 points)

Create a PowerPoint presentation where you describe three research designs. Compare them and state the situation where you would use each one. Discuss samples, sample size, and populations. Select one of the research designs and describe your population and the sample size that you would need.

A Brief Introduction to Research Designs: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods


Summary: This video provides basic information about quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research designs.

Create a PowerPoint presentation of 9-10 slides, not including the title and reference slides. Keep bullet points to 3-5 words and put your discussion in the speaker notes for each slide, explaining your findings.

Your presentation should meet the following structural requirements:

Be organized, using professional themes and transitions.

Consist of 9-10 slides, plus the title and reference slides.

Each slide must provide detailed speakers notes—a minimum of 100 words. Notes must draw from and cite relevant reference materials.

Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but the others must be external. The Saudi Digital Library is a good place to find these sources and should be your primary resource for conducting research.

Follow APA and Saudi Electronic University writing standards.

Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.

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