1 BC Assign 2 Instructions HLTH-110 BEHAVIOUR CHANGE ASSIGNMENT #2 – 40 MARKS=WORTH 20% PURPOSE This assignment will assist you in applying the knowledge of evidence-based health and wellness strategies to enhance the quality of your life and others. Additionally, your written discussion on the evaluation and impact this lifestyle change had on the quality of your life reflects the use of critical thinking in evaluating the validity of the health and wellness theories and strategies. Successful completion of this assignment is the fulfillment of Health 110’s Intended Learning Outcomes #2, #3, #4, and #5. PROCESS ? Carry out your behaviour change as indicated in your Behaviour Change Assignment #1 Action Plan. ? You must work your behaviour change for 3 complete weeks (21 days consecutively). ? The categories, that are bolded, must be used as your headers (i.e. Introduction, 21-Day Progress Notes, etc.). ? Sequencing must follow as outlined on the next following pages. ? Please follow all the other instructions as noted. ? Please ensure to seek instructor assistance as needed. WRITE-UP 1. Introduction (2 marks) a) Restate the target behaviour you decided to change in Assignment #1. ? This must be written in SMART goal language. b) State any revisions you made to your goals prior to starting your behaviour change. ? If you did not make any revisions, state this fact and explain why. ? Note: if you received feedback on Assignment #1 to revise your short term goals and/or was asked to rewrite your goals in SMART goal language then the revisions are to be done. ? Revised goals to be written here. c) State the revisions you made to your Action Plan prior to beginning your change process. ? If you did not make any revisions, state this fact and explain why. ? Note: this part does not ask what changes you made to your plan as you carried it out. ? It means if you received feedback that your behaviour change techniques and your strategies required revising then you are to do this right away before starting your behaviour change. ? Include your revised action plan items here (if applicable). 2 BC Assign 2 Instructions 2. 21-Day Progress Notes (10.5 marks) ? These are the detailed observations of how you worked the steps from your Behaviour Change Assignment # 1 Action Plan using all of the behaviour change techniques and your scripted strategies throughout the change process. ? Each one of the behaviour change techniques must be used a minimum of 2 times during the 21 days. ? The “21-Day Progress Notes” chart must be used ? A copy of this chart will be posted on D2L under “Behaviour Change Assignments”. Qualitative data: ? Refers to your feelings and/or emotions as related specifically to the behaviour you are working toward changing. ? These must be noted for each and every day. Quantitative data (measurements/numbers): ? Measurement totals must be noted for each day and recorded in the right hand column of the progress note chart. ? You are measuring your 3 short term goals here and nothing else. Behaviour Change Techniques: ? Specific descriptions of how you used each one of the strategies must be recorded for each day of the 21 day process. ? These are the strategies that you scripted for all 6 behaviour change techniques (shaping, visualization, controlling the situation, modeling, changing self-talk, and rewards) in your Action Plan from Assignment #1. Dimensions of Wellness: ? Specific descriptions must be noted on the impact the change (s) is having on each one of the dimensions of wellness throughout the change process. ? You must write about 2-3 dimensions each day. ? All of the dimensions must be discussed throughout the 21 day process. 3 BC Assign 2 Instructions 3. Evaluation (12 marks) ? A key area of the assignment that requires critical analysis. ? Evaluate the effectiveness of your plan. ? Use the 6 behaviour change techniques as your headers. ? Which Behaviour Change techniques (shaping, visualization, controlling the situation, modeling, self-talk, reinforcement/rewards) were most helpful and explain why? ? Which were not helpful and explain why? ? Specific examples (minimum of 1 for each technique) must be cited/referenced from your 21-Day Progress Notes as supporting evidence. ? All of the behaviour change techniques must be discussed here. ? A paragraph discussion for each technique is appropriate. 4. Dimensions of Wellness (4.5 marks) a) Which dimension of wellness was most impacted by this change for you? Explain why and how. (~3 sentences) (1.5 mark) b) What was another dimension of wellness that was impacted that you didn’t anticipate or weren’t expecting? What have learned about this that can be applied to your life or to working with others in the future? (3-4 sentences) (3 marks) 5. Conclusion a) (6 marks) Discuss what you have learned from completing this behaviour change. ? Even if you were not completely successful in meeting your goal(s), you will have learned something valuable about changing a pattern of behaviour, yourself, your social supports, or your needs that will be useful to you in the future. ? Include 6 things that you learned from this behaviour change assignment and explain why each of them was valuable in your learning. ? Please number them and write them out in full sentences. b) (1 mark) If you had the opportunity to do this specific change of behaviour again, what would you do differently? ? Explain why you would or would not do anything differently. 6. Correct grammar, spelling, title page, and following assignment guidelines (subheadings, etc) (4 marks)