Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that explains your independent project idea

Deliverable Length:Presentation 5-7 slides

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that explains your independent project idea. Assume that you are making a presentation to an approval committee for permission to move forward on your project. Include the following:

  • Summary of the project
    • Extended school day synonym: Extended learning time.
    • To extend the school day or not to extend the school day, does it really matter?, is the question posed for this project.To expand student accomplishment and to minimize the disparity between financially advantaged scholars and young scholars who are from diverse monetary, racial, and ethnic foundations just as well scholars with mental and physical challenges this topic has been the crux of much debate. During this project I will not only answer the question above but also what demographic are the extended school days targeting, How are districts and schools incorporating the additional time? What was the nature and variability of growth in low performing schools? In schools that expressed a positive impact how was the time spent?
  • Rationale for choosing the topic
    • For many years I have been employed with districts that have implementedextended school days. I have seen mix reviews on the matter from the teacher and student perfective. With the desire to open schools and recently watched a documentary on schools in Finland with shorter school days and shorter school years, I need to know if the longer days really make a difference. I am undertaking this research as a school leaders in low performing schools and economically disadvantaged communities to understand the issues and possible solutions, and advocate for changes based on research evidence. This topic is of interest to help improve organizational effectiveness in my future endeavours.
  • List your personal growth objectives anticipated by participating in a capstone experience
    • Communicate with greater clarity
    • Solve problems with research backed solutions
    • Improve self-confidence by having accomplished the goal of successfully completing this program in the time frame I desired.
  • Describe how this capstone experience will reflect what you have learned in this program and specifically your specialization.
    • This capstone experience will reflect the skill in articulating and organizing thoughts. It will also reflect the knowledge gained on how to plan and make strategic decisions subjectivity considering the impact of all stakeholders involved. The project finally will reflect the strengths, weakness and opportunities and threats of the topic chosen.

This presentation should focus on your anticipated personal growth from participating in a graduate level capstone experience and provide a reflection opportunity for you to tie your core and specialization content mastery. Remember to use brief bullet points, charts, graphs, and other appropriate visuals. Presentation should reflect mastery of tool and design. Use the Notes feature to include your presentation script. Include supporting sources as necessary. Be sure your presentation product reflects a graduate level work product.