In one brief paragraph identify 3-5 values and beliefs that are important to you personally.

Philosophy of Nursing Paper (25%): Maximum 2 pages excluding title page. There are no references required in this assignment. This is your personal philosophy of nursing. Upload the paper including the title page into the Assignment Link located in Week/Unit 10 in Course Materials.

Reflect on what is important to you as an individual and as a nursing student. Think about what you believe and what you value. Develop a paper that includes the following:
• Personal Values (25 points): In one brief paragraph identify 3-5 values and beliefs that are important to you personally.
• Professional Values (25 points): In one brief paragraph identify the values and beliefs that you feel are important in nursing and why you feel they are important.
• Alignment of Values (25 points): In one brief paragraph describe where your personal values/beliefs align with the values/beliefs in nursing.
• Conclusions (25 points): In one brief paragraph, Based on your personal and professional beliefs/values, explain how you hope to make a difference in the lives of others as a registered professional nurse at home, where you hope to work, and in your community.

My personal core values are honesty, compassion, respect, persistent, and kindness. Living with honesty telling the truth. It involves avoiding cheating, stealing, or deceiving. I believe in telling the truth and backing it up with actions. By being honest, I am able to feel good about what I do. Honesty also helps in creating trustful relations with others. Compassion involves believing in humanity. It involves being ready to help other people.I believe in going out of my way to help people who are suffering. By respect I mean treating other people well. It involves regarding other people as important and showing them consideration for their feelings and needs. I believe in persistence. The ability to persevere irrespective of any obstacles. I don’t believe in the spirit of giving up. Additionally, I value kindness. This is the quality of being considerate, affectionate, and friendly. It requires helping other people without expecting their help back.