Management and Organisational Behaviour

Unit 01: Strategic Human Resources

Management and Organisational Behaviour


A few years ago, Mr. Axel Erate, a friend of yours, developed an App for iPhone that became so popular that it was sold for £4,000,000 to Apple. Over the years, your friend spent most of the money on cars, luxury holidays, and a failed venture in a pharmacy specialising in homeopathic remedies.

However, after reading an article concerning the Internet of Things, Mr. Erate recently started up a company called UrPhone4Everything® which specialises in creating customised mobile controlled

solutions within a home to control everything from coffee machines to lighting, TVs or heating systems. Mr. Erate started the company with 2 friends: one who specialised in coding, the other who specialised in hardware purchase and installation. He took a more commercial role and was in charge of the website, marketing and finance.

The mission statement of UrPhone4Everything® is “Make your life simpler by connecting everything”. Its vision is “To be the market leader in intelligent home control”.

The business rapidly expanded and, after 6 months, Mr. Erate had to hire 5 people: 1x Personal

Assistant to address all the questions and deal with customer queries, 1x Programmer to help with the coding of the app and the integration with the systems around the house and 3x Installers to perform home installations. Although there is no official organisational chart, UrPhone4Everything® is structured as follow.

Due to the success and originality of the concept, several magazines and newspapers ran feature articles last month and UrPhone4Everything® has been swamped with requests and inquiries. One request in particular came from a wealthy Chinese property developer in the process of building 7000 apartments throughout the UK. Should this contract be successful, when other contracts will come

through. Since it takes 1 engineer between 2 and 4 hours to perform the installation, Mr. Erate knows that it is time to move to the next level and asked a number of HR consulting firms to provide advice.

Unit 01: Strategic Human Resources

Management and Organisational Behaviour

Task 1 of 3 – Sales Pitch (AC1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1 & 2.2) (15 slides, record 7 pages for this)


As a long-time friend of Axel Erate, you are his preferred partner, however you still need to pitch for

the contract since the 2 other members that started UrPhone4Everything® will be involved in the



Prepare a sales pitch in which you should:

1. Explain the importance of strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) and how you could

add value to UrPhone4Everything®; in particular you should discuss how strategic HRM

could be linked with other departments.

2. Explain the roles you could play at UrPhone4Everything® and their purposes

3. 3.Analyse the factors that UrPhone4Everything® should consider before HR planning

4. Determine a preliminary HR requirement for the organisation considering the new contract.

Please note, this is a sales pitch so be ready to answer questions that may arise


_ 1x sales pitch (circa 20 minutes)


_ 1x PowerPoint



Task 2 of 3 – HR Plan and Memo (AC2.3, 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3) (1500 words./ 5.5 pages)


You have been successful in securing the contract, and you have a lot to do. The management

priority is to have a HR plan in place as soon as possible, but you feel that a HR policy is equally

important, if not more. Therefore, you have decided to create the HR plan, but to include it together

with a memo about creating an HR policy.


You therefore need to prepare:

1. A human resources plan for UrPhone4Everything®

2. A memo concerning the importance of HR policy, the memo should provide examples of

regulatory, legal and ethical concerns that should be covered within the policy (living wage vs

minimum wage, maternity cover, equality act 2010, termination of employment, etc.) which

would be importance for UrPhone4Everything®

Delivery and submission:

_ 1x HR plan (circa 600 words)

_ 1x memo (circa 900 words)



Task 3 of 3 – Report (AC4.1, 4.2 & 4.3) (2000 words–7 pages)


Write a report in which you should

1. Describe the impact of organisational strategies, structures and culture on the management of


2. 3.In light of your findings, create a HR strategy for UrPhone4Everything®

Delivery and submission:

_ 1x Report (circa 2000 words