Application of Research on Counseling Theories

For the final paper, you will be researching theories and techniques of counseling and psychotherapy. Using the University Virtual Library, as well as online or hard copy evidence-based research, find articles from professional journals dated within the past 5 years. A minimum of eight (8) research articles are required to complete this assignment. Cite your work properly according to APA format. Please review APA guidelines on paraphrasing, quoting and how to write an original presentation. The course text is not to be used for this assignment. This is a research-based paper. Directions: Part One – Introduction – This must be no more than 1 page Choose 2 theories that you are drawn to. Please identify the theories you chose and why. For example, you may choose Psychoanalytical Theory and/or Cognitive-Behavioral Theory and/or Humanistic/Existential Theory, and/or the other models covered in our course. Briefly discuss what draws you to the 2 models you chose. Part Two – Application of Research on Counseling Theories This is the bulk of your paper and should be 7 pages in length. Please review APA style, including how to organize your paper with topic headings, introduction and conclusion. List 2 life problems that a client would be addressing in therapy. Each problem must be clear and concise. Each problem will be using a different counseling model taken from the 2 theories you identified. For example, problem #1 – fear of public speaking; problem #2 – grief and loss Here you will be addressing each problem individually with respect to the evidence-based research on the therapeutic techniques associated with one of the theories you chose. Techniques must be discussed in direct and specific terms, with regard to the problems you have identified above. For example, one of the problems you identified above is fear of speaking in public. One of the theories you mentioned above that you chose to treat this problem with is Cognitive-Behavioral therapy. So, for problem 1, you would discuss: What does evidence-based research on cognitive behavioral treatment for fear of speaking in public suggest? The next problem you identified is grief and loss. One of the theories you mentioned above that you chose to treat this problem with is Humanistic-Existential therapy. So, for problem 2, you would discuss: What does evidence-based research on humanistic-existential treatment for grief and loss suggest? While you must cite your research, your responses must illustrate your personal understanding of the research and not solely rely on quoting and paraphrasing the words of others. In other words, discuss the research in your own words and understanding, citing the source of your research. Please remember to cite your work in APA format and to write in proper, college-level English.