the muni equipment maintenance division

Complete additional research to better understand the case, the situation, and the people involved. As you are doing your research, keep the following in mind: Your report should be addressed to the Mayor of San Francisco and must address the following issues:

Muni Organizational Structure: Applying concepts from the readings, identify the current organizational structure of Muni and explain why this is the correct designation.

Explain if you think the the current organization structure is a major factor behind Muni’s problems or not. In doing so, answer the question: Would changing the Muni structure be an important step for improving performance at Muni? In your explanation, you must provide the rationale for your answer.

Cultural Diversity: Apply Cox’s frameworks and concepts to describe Muni as it relates to cultural diversity and how, if at all, issues related to cultural diversity are contributing to Muni’s problems. What should be done, if anything, to make Muni more culturally diverse – that is key organizational changes would need to be changed to get the benefits of a diverse workforce and fulfill the democratic values of a government organization in the United States?

Key Organizational Systems: Thinking in terms of the McKinsey 7-S Model, identify the two most critical organizational systems you think need to be changed to significantly improve Muni’s services to its customers and citizens. You should briefly explain explain what is wrong with each system and how the problem affects the organization and its performance. The bulk of your analysis should then focus on explaining why improving the two systems you identify will significantly improve Muni’s ability to fulfill its mission – this will require you to think deeply about what is the fundamental purpose of Muni, what its key services are, and how changing a system will ripple through the entire organization and impact the other organizational dimensions identified in the 7-S Model; and result in an overall better functioning organization.