Question 6

Many people from diverse countries have constantly moved to the US for various reasons. To start with, there exist various pull and push factors that contribute to the migration trends to other countries especially developed ones. The push factors contributing to the witnessed migration patterns to the US are unemployment, political instability, and poor medical condition among others while the pull factors contributing to migration are available employment opportunities, political stability, and good living standards. Both push and pull factors have led to increased immigration to the US.

For the past decades, most people migrate to the US because of various reasons. First, the US is known to be a land of great opportunities. It is perceived that the US has jobs that people can do to improve their living standards. Thus, as a result of the push factors such as employment from people’s native countries, people have always moved to the US. In addition, the availability of quality education as a result of high standards schools has attracted many people from diverse nations. It is always perceived that education is the key to success, thus with a good education, an individual will make use of available job opportunities.

Moreover, the presence of improved medical care, cultural diversity, and political stability make the US an attractive place for many people globally. These factors are among the pull factors that attracts most immigrants to the US. Most people have moved to the US as a result of political stability as compared to other nation. Besides, it is apparent that no one would like to live or stay in place with poor medical care. Thus, with improved and quality care that is supported by the Federal government, many people are attracted. Not forgetting, people would want to be in a place where there is a diverse culture as opposed to a monoculture country.

Question 7

I think the US government should liberalize the immigration policy to encourage migration. It is apparent that being more liberal to the immigration policy to encourage immigration is beneficial. For the US being more elitists from each industry to the country to make better-rounded. Some immigrants come to the country to invest and open up businesses which are important in growing the economy and increasing job opportunities. Moreover, immigrants coming to the US not only provides a ready market for the products and services that are produced by industries but also offer available labor. That said, bringing in more talents would be beneficial to the country. Thus, the country will benefit from immigrants.

Liberation of immigration policy does not mean the absence of stricter standards to determine who can come and who cannot. To liberalize means to legalize their citizenship using a set of standards. It is apparent that liberation of the policies would allow for more people to become citizens of the US. This will make the country to have diverse people which is essential for firms such as film making. For instance, movie making organizations depends so much on diversity; hence it will be challenging and expensive to bring in actors of diverse cultures from different countries. Thus, with diversity in the country already, these industries will find it easy to progress their businesses. Moreover, the liberation of immigration brings in more benefits as opposed to problems as perceived by others.