Covid-19 Ethical Issues in the United States and Abroad

Refer to Articles 1-3: Public Safety and Constitutional Rights

  1. What are the issues faced by the federal, state, and local governments in balancing public
    safety while still protecting the constitutional rights of the inhabitants of the United States? If
    you owned a business, how would you want control distributed between the federal, state, and
    local governments, and how much power over making your own decisions do you think you
    should have in terms of opening and operating freedom?
    Refer to Articles 1-7: Civil Liberties and Businesses During a Public Safety Crisis
  2. What rights should government have over businesses for the public good? What do you think
    are the most important civil liberties (constitutional rights) for both individuals and
    businesses? What rights, if any, must remain unconstrained by government control? Why are
    these rights important? What are the most important civil liberties for businesses?
    Refer to Articles 4-7: Operating a Business Under Shut Down Orders
  3. What are the ethical issues faced by businesses within states such as Michigan, Texas, where
    the lockdowns are being maintained very strictly? Are the methods of control being used by
    state and local governments ethical? How do businesses navigate these situations in order to
    survive? Is “conscientious objection” by business owners to government shut down orders
    ethical or unethical?
    Refer to Article 8: Confucianism During a Pandemic
  4. In regards to Confucianism as a cultural influence, what are some of the cultural differences
    within Asian cultures as compared to American and other Western cultures? How does
    Confucianism influence perceptions of civil rights, public safety, and the duty of the
    individual? How would Confucianism impact multinational organizations in China, Japan,
    and South Korea? What are some of the ethical considerations an American organization
    needs to address in regards to these differences?
    Refer to Article 9: Operating Businesses Ethically in Locations Under Totalitarian Control
  5. Can businesses operate ethically in countries that do not protect civil rights? How would you
    handle operations in a place such as Hong Kong, given the lack of freedom and emphasis on
    government control?
    Refer to Article 10: Ethical Business and Human Rights Considerations During a Pandemic
  6. What are some of the issues that businesses must consider globally in terms of civil rights
    worldwide? How must a business do in order to make sure that it is operating ethically