What is Sokal’s claim?

In 1996, Alan Sokal got published a paper he wrote called: “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity.” Don’t be put off by the title. I’ll let you do the research on the paper and on Sokal. I think you will find it all interesting. Don’t worry if you get a headache from reading his article, I did. Just read it and then research what happened. Technically, what Sokal wrote was a persuasion article, though, the article is not persuasive in itself. He was trying persuade a point about the academic publishing industry via this article. Don’t worry about what the article says, though, I hope you read through it, if you can, as your assignment will be about what Sokal did. The second half of the paper, the part about philosophy, was a little easier for me to follow than the science part. Have fun. It’s an interesting situation.

Please make font Arial 1" margins all around 6-8 pages
Questions to address for your paper:
1.  What is Sokal's claim?
2.  What kind of a claim is Sokal's?
3.  What language function is Sokal using?
4.  Should Sokal have tried in a different way to make his moral appeal about how things are done, sometimes, in the academic publishing industry?
5.  Did Sokal know his audience, or should he have realized his audience's vulnerable nature and found a different way to address the problem?
6.  Was Sokal deceiving in his act or honest?
7.  Did Sokal misuse his authority on the subject by writing this article?
8.  Was Sokal merely imparting information about the publishing industry with his article, or, did he have a moral lesson in mind with his writing?
9.  What evidence does Sokal use to make his argument?
10.  Was Sokal's argument convincing and why?