movie ethics essay

There is 1 Movie paper in this class. You may pick from the following list of Possible films to watch-

Please watch one of the following movies for each paper:
Bananas! 2009
Farmageddon 2011
Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World 2004
We Feed the World 2005
Colony 2009
Super Size Me 2004
Deconstructing Supper 2002
Fresh 2009
King Corn 2007
Plastic Planet 2009
A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth 2009
Vanishing of the Bees
The Dust Bowl by Ken Burns (See left Dust Bowl Tab)
Food Matters
Genetically Modified Food 2005
Food Inc. 2008
Bad Seed: The Truth About Our Food 2005
Eating Alaska
The Shrimp
Fed Up
Dam Nation
Every Three Seconds
Forgotten Planet: Abandoned America
Inside Chipolte
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat
Seed of Death
Queen of the Sun
Poisoned Waters
A Place at the Table
Blue Gold
World Water Wars
Black Gold
The Human Experiment
I Am
The Beautiful Truth
Food Chains
Hungry for Change
More than Honey
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2
 In each film there are many ethical theory concerns that you can write about.
These films can be found in libraries, some on the internet, Netflix, or order online.
If you find another film you would like to watch and write about please email me for approval (must be Agriculture related). PBS is a great source.
Paper requirements-1,200+ word minimum APA (Times Roman, 12 point, double spaced, one inch margins, cover page, running head, page #, no abstract page, and reference page all in APA).  Ethical theories listed below can be used in your papers. I am not looking for your opinion; I am looking for an ethical viewpoint. You can include any relevant personal experiences, graphs, charts, and any other information that may help you describe your moral dilemma.  Be sure to include a minimum of ***6 total sources*** (one of the six is your book) and include them in your references and citings to help you highlight your topic.  Writing is expected to include critical thinking about how ethical theory and information from your references relate to each assignment topic.
Papers must have a minimum of ***three ethical theory subheadings ***(Level One Headings). Ethical theories that can be used includes the following: Hedonism, Desire Theory, Divine Command Theory, Natural Law, Ethical Egoism (Psychological Egoism is NOT an ethical theory), Consequentialism, Kantian Ethics, Social Contract Theory, Ethical Relativism (Ethical Subjectivism and Cultural Relativism) and Emotivism. Make sure when you apply an ethical theory, it actually is an ethical theory and not just a component of a theory.
***Papers must also have an Introduction subheading (Level One Heading) and a ***Conclusion section with a subheading (Level One Heading).
***In your paper, when you apply each of your three ethical theories, you should:
a.	Specifically name the theory you are applying
b.	Explain/Define the theory using 2 separate credible sources
c.	Step by step explain how or why the issue you are discussing accepts or rejects the theory you are applying and refer back to the definition to make sure the connection is clear
i.	Don’t just “label” an issue with a theory name
ii.	Don’t assume the link/connection is clear. Please make the connection clear even if it seems obvious.
iii.	Use examples if necessary to further elaborate
d.	Saying something is moral or immoral is NOT applying ethical theory
All papers must be grammatically correct and all spelling must be correct (proofread).
When quoting the slides--- Include the Pp title and slide number in your citations inside your assignment or paper.
The following are some additional paper guidelines:
You need 5 sentences minimum for a paragraph. When quoting you need page number or slide number.
 Example: When quoting (Smith, 2007, p. 2). According to Smith (2007) "__________" (p.2).
 Try an outline before writing. Same font needed for references.
 References need to be in APA. The citing throughout the paper needs to be in APA format. No need to list the title of the documentary or article in the paper. Proofread and break up your paragraphs. Introduction should list and introduce all ethical theories discussed. Conclusion needs some detail.
 Do not start sentences with “and, but, or because”.
 How to cite and reference a documentary:
For Reference:
Robin, M.M., (Director). (2008). The world according to Monsanto [Documentary]. Canada: Productions Thalie, The National Film Board of Canada and WDR. Retrieved Date, from htttp://
In text you would cite:
(Robin, 2008(1)) the (1) would be part 1. Change this according to which part you are citing.
Use “Google Scholarly” or the “Library Database” for additional sources (See Library Research Tab on the Left in Bb). Do not use Wikipedia, dictionary, or a website (points will be taken off).
When quoting the slides--- Include the Pp title and slide number in your citations inside your discussions or paper.