Why do people want to immigrate to the USA in the past several decades?

Question 6

Why do people want to immigrate to the USA in the past several decades?

Various factors drove people to immigrate to the USA in the past several decades. Some factors were from countries the migrants left while others were from the US. Pull factors is one of the factors. These are the positive aspects of the USA that attracted more immigrants to the country. Higher wages and higher living standards attracted immigrants to the country. By discovering that same work in their countries is rewarded with higher wages in the USA, immigrants were motivated to migrate to the country. Addition of welfare benefits and the higher wages assured the immigrants of higher living standards in the USA.

The desire to maximize on the benefits drew people to immigrate to the country. For instance, migrants from Mexico left their country for the USA for the higher wages. Even though they had employment in their country, the differences in wages in their country and in the US was greater motivating them to immigrate to the country. The US just like any other developed countries were in need of migrants’ labor. The higher labor demand attracted more migrants. Religious and political freedom in the USA attracted more migrants who lacked the same freedom in the countries. For instance, many Jews migrated to the country fleeing lack of such freedom in their country. Other factors that made people migrate to the USA were better healthcare, and quality education among other attractive conditions.

Push factors also made people migrate to the USA. For instance, natural disasters that lead to loss of jobs, homes, and money pushed people to migrate to the country for survival. Some people were forced to migrate to the US after their lives were threatened by climate changes. Environmental disruptions forced people to migrate to the country in search of new opportunities either permanently or temporarily. Poverty characterized by lack of jobs forced people to seek better living standards from the country. People in countries such as India where jobs are very limited migrated to the USA for better jobs.

Other factors such as war, and persecution based on religion and politics forced people to migrate to the USA to escape the struggle. People who come from dictatorial leadership were allowed into the country. This attracted more migrants. Other factors that pushed people to migrate to the USA are poor health care, low quality education, slavery, and environment problems. In conclusion, people migrated to the USA due to positive aspects in the USA that had the potential for improving their living standards or the negative aspects of the countries that affected their living.

Question 7

United State government should liberalize the immigration policy to encourage migration or tighten the immigration policy? Why?

The United State government should not liberalize the immigration policy but instead it should tighten the immigration policy. Migrants help receiving countries by addressing the problem of skills shortages this helps in boosting economic growth. The sending countries also benefit through remittances. Looking at these benefits, it is important that immigration policies are liberalized to motivate migration. However, there are negative effects of the migration that demands tightening of immigration policy into the US to protect the country from harm. Human trafficking a form of migration and its link to criminal organizations and exploitation demands tighten of migration policy.

If the government does not control the entrance of the migrants more people will continue to be exploited in the name of migration while the lives of the US people will put in danger. For instance, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were conducted by people who used the US migration system to enter the country. This indicates that the system needs to be tightened to prevent such criminals from terrorizing people in the country. The policies should ensure that people who wish to migrate to the country are extensively checked to prevent giving entry to terrorists. Additionally, human traffickers use dangerous paths to migrate people into the US which puts their life at risk. Due to increased penalties for human trafficking, traffickers treat migrants ruthlessly when they face the danger of being captured. Some even dump migrants into the sea to avoid facing the law.Sometimes human traffickers are lucky enough to evade the law. However, the immigrants who fail to pay for the passage are exploited. To reduce such occurrences, the government should tighten the migration policy which will address human trafficking.

The US requires input from other countries to boost the economic growth. This is why the country should open her boarders. Stopping migration is also challenging. To benefit from the trend, the US government should promote legal migration and fight against illegal migration. Tightening migration policy will ensure that legal migrants enter the country and help in boosting the economic growth of their country and of the US. Similarly, the tighter policy will ensure that the country is safe from terrorists who take advantage of the migration system. Migrants will also be protected from exploitation and harm infringed on them by human traffickers. Tightening the migration policies will limit the impacts of mass migration on culture, economy, and on security.