Purchase Point Media Corporation (PPMC)

1. The ticker symbol for the store chain. 2. The number of stores for the store chain. 3. A Works Cited page for the figures found as the number of stores. Table 1 should be reproduced as a table in your Word document for Step 3 and the ticker symbol and the number of stores inserted from your own research. To find the ticker symbol for each of the store chains, it is as easy as opening up Google Chrome as your web browser and typing in the store name followed by “ticker symbol” into the search box. The hits form the search should reveal the ticker symbol for that store. Alternatively, you could use a financial website such as Yahoo Finance, E-trade, and so on to do your searching. All of the stores have a ticker symbol with the exception of one which is a private company. Using your own research skills and abilities, determine the number of grocery stores for each store chain. How you go about doing this is up to you and your research skills. Step 3 Step 3 requires three items: Here is what you are looking for as far as the number of stores is concerned: • You are looking for the most “current” information. However, current doesn’t mean today. For example, if store A (which has 10 stores) took over store B (which had 3 stores) in a merger, then B is no longer in business. The number of stores for A will be 13 as of today because it is still in business. The number of stores for B will be 3 which is how many it had before the merger. That is the most current for B – not zero. As another example, if a store declares bankruptcy, it all depends upon the bankruptcy status. If the store is in Chapter 11, which is reorganization then the number of stores will be the current information. If the store is in Chapter 13, which is a closing of the business, then the number of stores will be zero. Be aware that the solution to the number of stores in the table is kept current, but that doesn’t mean that data will all be “as of today.” It is possible that the most current information might be 2015 or 2016. It all depends upon your research and what is available. Finding the correct information is the purpose behind doing research. One other thing to watch out for in doing your research is a “name change.” If a store changes its name, then list both the old name and the new name and the current information available for the number of stores. • You should rarely use third party sites such as Google Finance, InvestSnips, Investopedia, Wikipedia, newspaper articles, and so on as these don’t have the most current and accurate information. You should use information from the business web site, SEC filings, Annual Reports, and so on for the most applicable, relevant and current information. • Lastly, this step involves research. “Research” is not doing a quick search and picking a web site or two and going with what is found. Research is looking at quite a few sources and thinking critically about what is found as to relevancy, currency and accuracy. For example, one web page may say “about 500” stores, but, another page on the website will say “536 stores” exactly. Or one web site might have information from March 2016 and another might have information from December 2016. Which is more current and relevant? The December 2016 web site. Not only do you need to do research, but, you also must think critically about the information you find. Along with Table 1, a Works Cited page needs to be included for Step 3. This is Standard English Composition. Work and/or figures that are not your own need to be cited as part of a paper. If no citations are provided or the citations are not properly formatted, this becomes “Plagiarism” which is unacceptable. • There should be a correctly formatted citation for each figure for the number of stores for the grocery store chain. This is standard for English Composition and should follow MLA or APA formatting. If you do not remember how to make a correct citation, do a search on the Internet for “Purdue OWL” and when you get there search the OWL (Online Writing Lab) site for “MLA Works Cited: Electronic Sources (Web Publications)” as this is the most likely source you will use and refresh your memory. Alternatively, you can search Library for the Purdue Owl web site and/or telephone and speak with an English Instructor. • The web address provided for the citation should take the reader directly to the web page where the number of stores can be found. ALL SOURCE INFORMATION USED WILL NEED TO BE HIGHLIGHTED AND WEBSITE LINKS NEED TO BE PROVIDED TO BE ABLE TO VERIFY EACH SOURCE. The reader should not have to search for your information. Do not provide a generic web address such as the homepage of a web site unless the actual number of stores is on that web page. Table 1 Stock Ticker No. of Stores Firm Name KR Kroger ABS Albertson’s Safeway Ahold SUPERVALU Winn-Dixie Stores Publix Super Markets Great Atlantic & Pacific Smart & Final Ingles Markets Blue Square-Israel Pathmark Ruddick Whole Foods Market Weis Markets Marsh Supermarkets Nash Finch Fresh Brands Wild Oats Markets Spartan Stores Eagle Food Centers Gristede’s Foods Village Super Market Foodarama Supermarkets Arden Group Total