BCO324 Cases in Marketing

Graduate Program
Assessment Brief
Academic Year 2019-2020
BCO324 Cases in Marketing
MID-TERM ASSESSMENT: Case Study Analysis
Case Study Analysis: 40% of total course grade
Submission: 23rd August at 23:59
Students must analyse two case studies. These case studies have a list of questions you must answer.
Step 1: Read case study and questions carefully. Highlight the main points of the case and any issues that you
can identify. Read the questions closely and analyse what they are requiring you to do.
Step 2: Identify the issues in the case study an important part of your answer is to analyse the situation and to
identify the issues/actions described in the case which may be problematic. The following questions may help
you to do this:
What actions were taken in the case?
Were these actions the most appropriate and why?
Were there any consequences of the taken actions?
Was anything omitted or not considered?
Were actions/procedures in line with existing codes of practice, policy or theories?
STEP 3: Link theory to practice. Use your knowledge of existing codes of practice, theories and/or other
professional documents and behaviours to decide what was done appropriately and what was not.
Instructions and Grading Criteria
The document should be 2,000 words maximum and address the following points listed below.
Elements to address by your case studies analysis and grading distribution:
Case Study 1: Planning effective marketing strategies for a target audience

  1. Describe the elements that make up the marketing mix. (10 marks)
  2. Explain the term sponsorship. Name a sponsorship deal that you think was effective. Explain
    your answer. (10 marks)
  3. Analyse the importance of using both above-the-line and below-the-line promotion for an
    effective marketing campaign. (15 marks)
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of adidas’ use of social media in its ‘Take the Stage’ campaign. (15
    Case Study 2: Effective strategies for long-term growth
  5. Explain the terms ‘vision’ and ‘aims’. Give examples related to NATS and a business of your
    choice. (10 marks)
  6. What is a SMART objective? Explain one benefit for NATS of setting SMART objectives. (10
  7. Analyse how having clear, long-term strategies supports NATS’ vision for global expansion.
    (15 marks)
  8. To what extent can having a clear vision, strategies, aims and objectives guarantee a business’
    success? Use the case study to support your ideas. (15 marks)
    Structure of the Assignment
  9. Cover page: Must contain your full name, the logo of the school, the name of the course, and the name of
    the professor.
  10. Analysis: Address the case studies questions
    Graduate Program
    Assessment Brief
    Academic Year 2019-2020
  11. Bibliography: You should use the Harvard Referencing System.
  12. Appendix
    Graduate Program
    Assessment Brief
    Academic Year 2019-2020
    • Based on the chosen company, the student should be able to research appropriate information to frame
    their work by developing clear objectives to which the presentation will answer
    • Students must consider the use of theories and models, the flow and progression of their critical analysis,
    overall clarity, structure and coherence of their answers.
    • Students will be graded on their capacity to prioritize, synthetize, discuss and evaluate the topic based on
    different perspectives
    • All statements made must be supported by facts, figures and references
    • All sources of information must be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System
    The work must be uploaded on the appropriate Turnitin folder created by the course Faculty Member on
    The title of the student’s submitted file should contain the following information:
    – Name of this course
    – Name of the Faculty Member / Teacher
    – Student’s full Name
    – Student ID number
    – Title of this assignment
    The exact time allowed for the completion of this assignment will be provided by the course Faculty
    Member and also posted on the Moodle page for this course.
    Graduate Program
    Assessment Brief
    Academic Year 2019-2020
    it assesses the following learning outcomes:
    • Outcome 1: analyze the principles, theories, concepts and dynamics of marketing

    • Outcome 2: apply these principles and tools in case study analysis;
    • Outcome 3: integrate the concepts &techniques learned through application in the preparation
    of case study analysis

    Graduate Program
    Assessment Brief
    Academic Year 2019-2020
    Exceptional 90-
    Good 80-89 Fair 70-79 Marginal fail 60-69
    Knowledge &
    understanding of
    key concepts and
    uses vocabulary in
    an entirely
    demonstrates good
    understanding of
    the task and
    mentions some
    relevant concepts
    and demonstrates
    use of the relevant
    understands the
    task and provides
    minimum theory
    and/or some use of
    Student understands
    the task and attempts
    to answer the
    question but does not
    mention key
    concepts or uses
    minimum amount of
    relevant vocabulary.
    Student applies
    fully relevant
    knowledge from the
    topics delivered in
    Student applies
    mostly relevant
    knowledge from the
    topics delivered in
    Student applies
    some relevant
    knowledge from the
    topics delivered in
    may be evident.
    Student applies little
    relevant knowledge
    from the topics
    delivered in class.
    Misunderstands are
    Thinking (30%)
    Student critically
    assesses in
    excellent ways,
    conclusions from
    relevant authors.
    Student critically
    assesses in good
    ways, drawing
    conclusions from
    relevant authors
    and references.
    Student provides
    some insights but
    stays on the surface
    of the topic.
    References may not
    be relevant.
    Student makes little
    or none critical
    thinking insights,
    does not quote
    appropriate authors,
    and does not provide
    valid sources.
    communicates their
    ideas extremely
    clearly and
    respecting word
    count, grammar
    and spellcheck
    communicates their
    ideas clearly and
    respecting word
    count, grammar
    and spellcheck
    communicates their
    ideas with some
    clarity and
    concision. It may be
    slightly over or
    under the
    wordcount limit.
    Some misspelling
    errors may be
    communicates their
    ideas in a somewhat
    unclear and
    unconcise way. Does
    not reach or does
    exceed wordcount
    excessively and
    misspelling errors are