Assessing the fitness lifestyle – consumer behavior lecture

Assignment brief:

Bloggers, vloggers and influencers compete everyday with “secrets” and “advices” to living a happy, healthy life. Their tools range from diet to wearable technology to running exercises and much more. Brands are crucial partners in this trend.
You are asked to research the AIO psychographic approach – activities, interests, opinions – and to use it as a lens to critically analyse the fitness lifestyle promoted online by bloggers and influencers. 
First, you will choose two blogs/vlogs about fitness and lifestyle (they have to be influencers: over 100 000 followers on Instagram or on Youtube). You will have to analyse which lifestyle they produce via their discourse, using the AIO approach.
Second, you will analyse how brands partner up with influencers. You will be critical in assessing how they promote their products and how they use the AIO information in doing so. 
Assignment Guidelines:
For this assignment, you will need to write a reliable, scientific essay. This means you must present a credible and persuasive argument based on published academic research and practice. You should have a precise research question (it should be clearly stated in the introduction), develop an argument and answer the question. 
It is acceptable - or even good - to have an opinion of your own, but it must be backed up by evidence. You should not make any subjective or unsupportable claims in your essay (i.e. “I strongly believe that…”), and the objective claims must be accompanied by citations.
Your essay must be in the Harvard style of formatting and referencing; it must include a references section at the end.
Keep in mind to back your argument with academic literature. Do not forget to structure you essay – introduction, development and conclusion.