Amazon as A company case study

Question 1

Amazon is perhaps a large with various facets that makes it big and fruitful as it is today. When we look at what it has achieved so far, indeed it’s great and awesome.During one of the festive seasons in one of the years back, the company was selling a good number of items as recorded as 423 per second. Due to the massive demand of the orders it was a wise thing for the company to engage in collaborations to share in meeting the client’s expectation. Amazon shows its willingness to collaborate and involve others through different ways; involving the retailers in their online retailing, ordering of the fulfillment services and perhaps the cloud services. Through the online services provided by the company, the other businesses will be able to sell their product directly to the customers.

Moreover, the company also sells the order fulfillment services which allow the retail companies to send their products to some warehouse in the Amazon Company to be sold and taken directly to the customers either through shipping or other means. Additionally, the Amazon cloud allows other businesses to lease some time to the companies items. Amazon in its structure is made in such a way that it collaborates with the other companies efficiently and effectively (Skarzynski & Rowan).

Question 2

Amazon coins are virtual currencies that are used to make payment for apps, music and perhaps the games through the coins and other technical advances. Amazon takes pleasure in conducting various ideas to do the experiment in most of its activities because they have much revenue to handle the process that other standard companies cannot afford.The Amazon coins are perhaps one of the examples that can be established and shown by the enterprise. Over time, the Amazon Company realized that it is not easy to make money through the Android apps as compared to the iops apps(Skarzynski & Rowan).. Due to the overwhelming pressure to create a change in the company, they had to conduct an experiment that is based on the Amazon coin. With the aim to make the research done perform better, they motivated the apps developers to release on the Android since they offered much higher exchange rates when compared to the other programs within the systems. The Amazon is one of the newest innovations means that is developed by the company to help reach out to the expectation of the enterprise. Additionally, to this capability is the ability of Amazon to lease the computer programs to run the systems of the other organizations to assist in scaling up and scaling down of the resources of the company.

Question 3

The five components of the information systems are the input, output, process, feedback and control. Just like any other process, the information systems have its route and path for the completion of the task. The input refers to water the user keys into the computer with the intention to get some response from the computer. The application of the software has aid many people to make work easier. Moreover, the input is generally keyed into computer and then taken to the processing centers.Most of the organization has different output level such as the workforce or perhaps the employees who put in something to the company to ensure that the firm gets the to the target, apart from the employees, the company owners keys in finances and other skills to make sure that the company succeeds. The input of the business will, therefore, determine the output of the company. Small information will give a low output (Skarzynski & Rowan).

The next is the process; this involves the marketing techniques and other services to make sure that the products reach the clients. The process may also include the right structure of the business such as training of the sale departments to ensure that the output will be great. On the other hand, we can say that it involves all the process that is performed by the company to supplement the input to make sure that the output is excellent and to the company’s expectations. The output is perhaps what the company generates and gets in return after such a whole work. It is the result that the company takes as from its work and can be measured on whether the business has found the expected result according to the framework that it had before and in line with the audits information or analysis.

The feedback refers to responses of the whole process from the clients when rating the product or the service of the company. Some feedback can be negative while others can be positive but to the success of the business organizations. The feedback can assist the firm to make improvements concerning the quality of the work and services to meet the customers’ expectations. Lastly, control refers to what the company is doing to make sure that the claims are responded to at all mean (Davila & Robert).

Question 4

Fear is the enemy of success that has killed many successful people and paralyzed them without notice and perhaps the warning. Most of the people with good ideas to implement in through the system have not made any attempt due to the fear to fail and probably to be seen as a failure. The kind of situation above is very much familiar especially to the business employees who might have come from different backgrounds and developed with diverse cultures and people, and this makes them different but not immune to change (Davila & Robert). Amazon is an innovation company and if the employee is willing to learn and modify the attitude, he or she will be transformed for the betterment of the company and to person as well through the innovation technology.

Question 5

Amazon’s area of concern is to deal with electronic business commonly known as the e-business that implies conducting most of the operations in the cloud while the strength of the company is the innovation side that makes it even for and more successful as compared to the other companies. If I can be allowed to sit in the management for just one minute, I will make sure that I read about corporate entrepreneurship and implement its objectives for the success of the company. On the other hand, since innovation is the engine of achievement to this company, the innovation centers should be established, improved and the innovators appreciated to motivate them to work for the company by coming up with new ways of doing something for the benefit of the company (Davila & Robert).

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