Big Momma

Topic 1: Violet’s Fate

One thing is clear in the story, Mr. Clovis isn’t planning to sacrifice Violet. She isn’t going to be fed to Big Momma. Instead, Clovis is trying to attempt Violet into joining the cult. If the plans were to sacrifice Violet then she would have been sacrificed the first time she visited the home. However, the family spends much time with Violet try to introduce her to the cult. Again that time she was taken to the secret back room, it was a good chance to feed her to Big Momma. However, this did not happen, instead, she was just introduced to the animal. In the room, Mr Clovis told Big Momma, “Look its Violet our new friend” (Oates 12). This suggests that the Big Momma had a new follower, a new member of the cult.

When Violet was introduced to the snake, it stared at her calmly yet one would expect the snake to try to feed on the girl. The calm look suggests that the snake was pleased to have a new follower. The discussion about whether God exists or whether heaven exists is a proof that the Clovis family had a plan to introduce Violet to their cult. The discussion was aimed at influencing Violet from her beliefs to theirs. Previously, young children and pets were the victims of Big Momma. While the victims went missing immediately, which suggests they were fed to the snake, Violet was treated differently considering she was also of older age. They spend much time feeding and taking care of Violet and they could not invest all the time just to sacrifice her. The discussions about God, heaven and whether they exist proof that Violet is being initiated to the Clovis cult.

Topic 2: Mr Clovis’ plan

Mr Clovis is the leader of the crazy cult. According to the story, Mr Clovis called himself the ‘resident Patriarch’. The way he scrutinized faces during meals suggests that he was taking his role as a leader. While they were discussing the existence of God, Mr Clovis showed his leadership role when he ordered the Clovis to keep quiet. Mr Clovis had more plans for Violet than sacrifice her like other victims. He was going to recruit Violet into his cult. He uses the physical affection he shows her as a means to initiate her into the cult. He tells Violet “any friend of my daughter is a friend of mine” (Oates 23). Mr Cloves knows that Violet lacks love from her family. Her mother doesn’t give her enough attention as children deserve. Looking at how comfortable she is at the Clovis home proves that she really longs for love and attention. This is where Mr Cloves comes in. He takes advantage of the missing love and attention to control her. Mr Cloves children are aware of his plans to initiate Violet into the cult. Rita Mae, Clovis daughter says that she wishes she can steal Violet from her mother. This suggests that Mae already knew that they would introduce Violet into the cult.

During the night that Violet was supposed to feed Big Momma, she had forgotten that it was feeding a day, however, Clovis family was all restless and excited. Emile kept on smiling and winking ate her. This indicates that the Mr Clovis children knew what was going on. In addition, in the new school, all the children of Mr Clovis took interest in Violet. In one moment she had no friends in school, the next moment she has friends. Mr Clovis killed his wife and convinced his children that she abandoned them. Rita Mae looked at Violet with a fierce glare after she asked her if the dad could be lying about their mother. This was the only way to establish the cult and initiate the children into it. He defends himself by convincing his children that the mother abandoned them. Use of affection and drugs to control people cannot last Clovis for long. After the effects of his charms, people will go against the cult.

Topic 3: Violet’s Mother Fate

While Violet was making new friendship with the Clovis, her mother was also making new friends of her own. Before her mother was all smelly and dirty, but thanks to the new friends she takes showers, apply cologne, and began to have face make over. On the way to drop Violet to her home, Mr Clovis asked her about her family. From the response he was able to know that she came from a family of a single mother. This suggests that Mr Clovis is behind Violet’s mother change especially on personal hygiene.

Mr Clovis had taken major steps towards initiating Violet into the cult. The only barrier to a successful plan would be the mother. Violet’s mother would prevent her from visiting Clovis family if she knew what was going on, to prevent this, Mr Clovis starts to date the mother with a plan of eliminating her, the barrier to his plan. Death or sacrificing Violet’s mother would be the only way for Violet to join the cult. Violet mother will abandon violet like Clovis wife abandoned her children forever as Rita Mae explains, “she walked out on us” (Oates 13). In short Violet’s mother will most probably die.

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