Racism in the Western

Dear Reader,

One night while watching news, I saw as an advert on how technology have evolved over time and felt that I should write an article on technological advancement. However, in the news were the blacks in the western complaining about police brutality and killings. Then I started imagining what would happen to me as a black in the west if black people are that unsafe. I knew as a black in the western I would definitely need to be more careful as I walk across streets to relieve my stress. This motivated me into changing my topic to racism in the west with a purpose of creating awareness of the menace. By the time I was began to write this project, I had limited information about racism in the western. The only information I had was from news articles and from movies. The song ‘Strange Fruit’ by Billie Holidays which started as a poem contains message triggers my topic on racism. The artists sings of “black bodies swinging in the southern breeze” emphasizing on the harm caused by racism in the western.

In short, I am saying that I love a world that every individual in free irrespective of their race. I would like to experience a world that all people including the black in the white land are free to eat, walk, dress, or talk where and how they wish without being discriminated. I long to live in a free world. In the western horror movies for instance, I have witnessed a trend of presenting white as the casts and audience while the minorities in particular the black as the monsters, violent, and as villains. The blacks are either left out of the American genre of assigned a minor role. Apart from research, this paper comprises of my experiences that I would like to share with my reader. Part of the information is my view and I hope that the reader would respect my reality even if it differs from their reality. It is amazing exploring the American subculture through writing.

2. Course Reflection

In the previous related courses, I learn about writing. This motivated me into having a desire to be a writer. The focus though has been on writing essays of about five paragraphs. I was also introduced to various genres that are useful in writing a narrative. The genres includes music, poems, literature, and drawings among others. Writing a narrative using a single genre challenging for me but after various assignments and help from the tutor as well as from the peers, I learnt how to tackle the challenges. After attending this course, I learnt additional writing skills which are helping to becoming a professional writer. I never thought there exists a multigenre research paper. At this point I thought if writing a narrative using one genre was challenging, what about writing a narrative on one topic in several genres. I knew with no doubt that it would be more than challenging. But thanks to this course and my professor, I am in a better place to write such a paper. Contrary to my thinking, the experience throughout the course was amazing. I faced several difficulties but at the end of it all I was successful. With this paper I am able to represent a research paper that is different from other traditional essays that have a common structure. Apart from just writing content, a multigenre paper has helped in being more interested with various topics, building self-confidence, gaining critical thinking skills, as well as developing new attitude towards learning.

Although I thought that writing is fun, after attending this course, I have realized that writing is not just fun but interesting too. However, writing does not just involve choosing correct words but so much more. This course has taught me that writing requires language, creativity, innovativeness, and zeal. I thought that learning to write in every genre is enough is communicating a certain message. However, I have realized that writing on a certain topic in various genres is fun and very interesting. If given another choice to attend this course again I am very sure that I would make similar decision. The course has really improved my writing and I can proudly say that I am a good writer who hopes to be better writer in future through such a course. I have always wondered why some people who are smart when it comes to language are not recognized as best writers. But now I know that it is not about just writing, but about creativity and originality of the content that qualifies one as a good writer. In this case, I thank my professor for enlightening me especially on teaching me more writing skills that are quickly improving my writing experience.

3. ‘Black Nigga’ Poem




She is down


She won’t get up

She is dead

She is being discriminated

Blacks are being intimidated

Blacks refuse being intimidated

Victims of racism


Another one is dead

He was the target


He is black

Racism! Racism! As a knife

Who will save the black!

4. ‘Who I am Poem’

I am from a seemingly beautiful world

I am from the sunshine

I shine

I am bright

I am from a garden of flowers

The kind that is loved by every person

I am from nature

Sweat nature

Just as l love nature

I love people

People don’t love me

At least not all of them

In the street I interact with all people

Why do they hate me?

What is wrong with my skin colour?

I am from black parents

Black people my origin

Colour that hurts

I wonder why it hurts

5. Black discrimination brings suffering

(Characters are dad, mum, Jeremy, and i)

My dad decides that I and my brother are going to study at different schools. So I attend Mountain academy, my brother attends Valley View Academy. I hate learning but studying at my school is quite interesting. It not just fun but also be informing. The difference between me and my brother Jeremy is that he loves education. However, although Jeremy loves waking up early to study, he hates the idea of going to school. Jeremy is definitely smart than I am. However, he performs poorly in class and gives no explanation for the poor performance. My mum and dad kept on asking Jeremy to put more efforts in school in order to improve on his performance. Towards the end of the course, my dad promises that whoever performs better would be taken out for a treat. ‘That is me, obviously’ I thought. What is more interesting is that I performed better than Jeremy, my twin brother. Interesting right?

When it came to my treat, I convinced my dad to tag Jeremy along. “Dad would you mind if Jeremy came along?” I asked. No, thanks. ‘I would rather remain at home. Jeremy lamented’. However I managed to convince dad and Jeremy and we are went out including my mum at a sports camp. At this camp there were white and black kids playing. Jeremy chose to play with the black kids and totally avoided the white. At first, I thought it was just part of having fun. However, when it came to joining a basketball team in which we would play against another team, Jeremy refused to join the team simply because it had some white players. My dad wondered why Jeremy behave in that manner yet we lived with white people. He even studied with white students. ‘Why is he having trouble interacting with whites?’ mum asked. Nothing. ‘I love black people’ Jeremy interrupted. ‘Are you sick Jeremy? What is wrong with you? Since when did you start hating other people simply because they are white?’ Dad asked Jeremy.

‘What is going on with you?’ I am left wondering what is happening to my twin brother. What has gotten into his mind? What is wrong in playing with people from different races? Everyone is mad at Jeremy as we take our seats for some drinks. Silence dominates our corner. We started watching the game with black and white team members playing. The game is bot rough but fun. At first I saw nothing wrong during the game. But after watching keenly I realized that every time a black member lost a game, the audience would laugh loudly. When a white lost it was silence all over. When it comes to scoring when a black scored there was less cheering. However, when a white scored, there was a lot of cheering. Even after noticing this, it raised no eyebrows. I was still angry since Jeremy had refused to join the team which made my dad to prevent me from participating in the game. I hate you Jeremy! Why would you do that? I kept wondering.

Jeremy decided to take a walk in the camp to ease the tension that was growing around our table. One hour Jeremy was not back yet. ‘Go look for your brother’ my dad yelled. After forty five minutes, I saw Jeremy in the hands of security officers. He was bleeding. I rushed to call my parents informing them of what I had seen. ‘What!’ Dad exclaimed. We ran to save my brother from the officers. ‘Take care of your spoiled kid or else.’ this is a warning from another parent to my family. So what happened? I wondered. Jeremy explained with red teary eyes, ‘I found a black boy crying, when I asked him what had happened, he said that the white boys had made fun of him. I felt bad. I fought them for the young boy.’ That is a lie! The white boys shouted. Dad was angry at Jeremy for starting fights with other kids. Instead of emphasizing with him, he promised to punish him upon arrival at home.

We had to leave immediately so that Jeremy can be attended to by doctors. Sadly he had lost a tooth. Sad! I thought. How would my brother lose a tooth in a petty fight? What is even sadder is that when we arrived home he was grounded for two weeks. Poor Jeremy! We continued attending school. One evening, Jeremy comes back home having lost another tooth. ‘What is going on with you?’ mum asked Jeremy. As usual he said, ‘nothing’. Dad was angry and decided to take Jeremy to a psychiatrist to check if he is alright. After several sessions, the specialist suggested she visits the school Jeremy attended to for information. My parents agreed and a visit was planned. Jeremy was against the plan with no explanation as always. However, he was unsuccessful in stopping the plan.

Do you know Jeremy well? The psychiatrist started asking Jeremy’s friends questions. At first none of the students seemed to know if there was anything wrong going on in the school. Even after engaging teachers and other school workers, the specialist was unable to identify anything that could have driven Jeremy into his uncalled for manners. It was therefore decided that the sessions continue to see if Jeremy would explain the crises he was going through. ‘An anonymous student called me at night’ the psychiatrist explained. According to that call, black students at Valley View academy, where Jeremy schools, have been experiencing discrimination. Apart from being through out of classes by tutors, black students face violence from the white students and when they report the matter to the administration, they are beaten or given other forms of punishment. ‘Be a men’ that is what they are told by the administration. After realizing that the secret was out and being promised protection against the bullies, Jeremy confessed the truth about black racism in the school which obviously explains not only his attitude towards the white but also his poor performance in the school.

6. ‘Black Freedom’

An African American woman who was asked to should loudly ‘freedom’ so that the whole world can hear. It is difficult to believe that a stop of a minor traffic police who stopped at Cincinnati would end up having a campus police officer who is white killing an unarmed man. It is difficult to understand law enforcement in the western looking at how blacks have and are still experiencing discrimination not only in western narratives but also in reality.

‘The Narrative of the Life,’ written by Douglass Fredrick in 1845 enlightened people across the world on brutality experienced by black slaves and the black’s dream of freedom. The narrative explains how the black people were mistreated, tortured, and discriminated against in the western. Through this narrative, readers are able to know that black racism can be traced many years back and that its reality is worse than anyone would have thought. Apart from being separated from their family black people lost their dignity in the White’s land. What is worse is that, this experience is still present today and more actions are needed to end the menace.

7. Book of Qualities


Forgiveness is a strong mother. She is a simple and direct woman. She loves travelling across states. During the travel she likes listening to people’s stories especially bad experiences. Sometimes government officials in different states and cities prevent her from accessing the gates. However she struggles to find her way through the gate especially when people inside really needs her. Wherever she manages to encounter people, she gives simple gifts which changes everything in each situation. One day as she struggled to enter through a gate that officials were blocking her from, she saw Fear standing outside the gate alone.


Contrary to having a large shadow, Fear is small bodied. He has a vibrant imagination. Fear is anti-social, who composes strange songs during the night. Fear gives threats to people in efforts to preventing them from talking about him. He knows that if people talk about him they would discover undesirable deeds that he has done before and people will not only avoid him but also plan to destroy him.Although forgiveness knows Fear from his unique character, she had not talked to him before. However many people in this society know Fear because apart from having a mystery past, he is anti-social, and has a vivid imagination. Forgiveness decided to talk to Fear.He almost managed to convince her that it is people who mistreat themselves and no one mistreat them. Fear is very good at convincing people and if one is not keen enough that he is able to get his way easily. Forgiveness is however sharp and was able to detect that Fear was trying to convince her what is contrary to her beliefs.


During the conversation with Fear, Forgiveness saw Patience pass by and she stopped her to have a talk. Patience complained of having many sacks of peace yet no one seems to be interested in them. Forgiveness realizes that Patience looks very beautiful and wishes she would inherit that beauty. Forgiveness wondered why Patience is still single with all that beauty. She even teased her that she would gladly introduce her to her younger brother. However Patience with her bulk of peace knew that the only person who she treasured more in her life was Freedom. To her Freedom is means the world. Forgiveness disliked the fact that Fear thought that people mistreated themselves and that nobody mistreated them. To her Fear used threats to keep from talking about him and that is mistreating people. She therefore decided to help Patience to look for Freedom under one condition. That after finding and convincing Freedom to marry Patience then she would get half of the peace that Patience had. Since then Patience and Forgiveness have been looking for Freedom with no success. Forgiveness hopes that we the help of Equality they will be able to locate Freedom sooner than they thought.

8. Racism reality

After analysing Western narratives, it is clear that racism especially discrimination against the black has been and is still a concern. Black people in the western history have experienced oppression, slavery, and being dehumanized. In efforts to overcome black discrimination, people such as Woodson Carter have sensitized people about black history. This is also helping in promoting accomplishments of black people and motivating them to contribute greatly towards growth of the society. Through various narratives that have used various genres, it is evident that black discrimination exists and continues to exist. Starting from how the narratives themselves have been written by discriminating against the black by either giving them minor roles or by having the minor characters die first to real discrimination in the society. For instance in 2016, the University of North Dakota had to investigate a case where a black student was locked out of her dorm. Listening to ‘Strange Fruit’ by Holiday Billie a song that Kanye West the rapper has sampled in one of the tracks in the Yeezus album, one would understand that racism brings pain, cruelty, and suffering. The song is so inspiring that upon viewing it one ends up with teary eyes after watching how bad black racism has been and still is. It is clear that blacks are being discriminated against in the western based on evidence from western narrative as well as in reality where black people are experiencing brutality, suffering, and murder.

I believe that in a society that is free from any form of discrimination. All people would prosper which eventually would lead to prosperity of a nation. When there is discrimination, black people are not able to work in high paying job since they are reserved from the whites. This means that they end up securing if at all they secure jobs that are low paying and therefore are unable to acquire basic needs. In this case the end up being among the poor in the world. In addition discriminating against the black, forces them to seek other activities that would keep them busy such as drug abuse. In the end what happens? The world ends up with many people living in the streets, with increased crime rate, and higher death rate. All these challenges are preventable by just ensuring that all people are treated or given equal opportunities across the globe irrespective of their race.

End notes

  • The title of this paper is created from a news article on Racism in America but it is adjusted to fit the purpose of the paper.
  • Course reflection is written from a personal view explaining how the author has experienced the course as well as the influence of the course.
  • The poem of ‘black nigga’ is an original poem narrating how black people are killed with no offense, just because they are black in the land of whites.
  • The poem of who I am is inspired by real life accounts as well as the background of the research.
  • Black discrimination brings suffering is a narrative that seeks to explain the effects of black discrimination in the society. This genre seeks to develop a deeper understanding of racism that a poem cannot develop.
  • Black freedom picture shows how black people thirst for freedom in the western society. This section also contains a picture of a book that narrates how black people endure suffering in the whites land. The pictures are taken from google in line with their rights.
  • Personifies qualities. This is inspired by a free write that is inspired by ‘The book of Qualities’.
  • Racism Reality is inspired by ‘The Birth of a Nation: The Most Racist Movie ever made’ an article published by BBC.


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