The Micromax Company

The Micromax Company

This strategy is one of the mobile manufacturing companies that are located in India. The company experiences a lot of competition from different points from the most powerful mobile producers in the world like the Samsung and Apple. Due to the level of competition around, I will recommend that the company do localization of the products in the market. Since the company has an interest in the international expansion, the localization of the product will be the best decision to make to curb the rising technology and therefore competition (Carpenter & Dunung, 2012).

Based on the localization of the product, the company will decentralize its operation in the intended countries by allowing the local leaders or authorities were working for the enterprise to make the decisions about the efficiency of the product. The local authority will make decisions regarding the product, design, product layout, and the prices of the products. The local authorities will be able to change products features according to the variations in the competition occurring in the environment (Carpenter & Dunung, 2012). The company will ensure that the product matches and meets the client’s expectations and therefore a performance shift in the market share opportunities.

The Transnational strategy

This approach involves a combination of the two most powerful and efficient strategies. These are the multi-domestic and the global one. This policy will ensure that the firm gets all the merits of all the two strategies for greater global achievements and performance in the local authority responsiveness (Cheap and best, 2014). I will recommend that the Micromax Company adopt the application of the transnational strategy to ensure double gain of the benefits from both the techniques. This policy will ensure that all the benefits in regards to the use of the multi-domestic are achieved.


The transnational approach is difficult for a company to implement since it involves the application of the two involving techniques that require a lot of involvement. However, the merits take the day after the implication and adoption of the strategies will assist the company to withstand all the current pressure in the marketplace by the competitors like the Samsung Company. The competition, especially in the international market, has been a major hindrance for most companies who may want to enter the market. The strategy implication will ensure an active role and relevance in the market by giving the best to the clients according to their needs and expectations. Since, every company exist mainly satisfy and meets the expectation of the customers (Carpenter & Dunung, 2012).

The yogurtland

Most of the firms and corporations globally are in place to improve its performance.To gain the best performance the companies were forced to make decisions concerning the product that they are selling. The decisions were regarding product choice and prices that were to be shifted from time to time to influence the market. The product localization involves the company modifying the products in a way that makes it better, easy and efficient to fit in the local market. The modification includes changing the product to some small changes to meet the customer expectations. For example in the case of the yogurtland which deals with the production of the frozen yogurt franchise and has 300 locations and mostly situated in the United States of America.

According to the merits of the product localization, I will recommend that the company focuses on the localization. This medium will involve the changes like packaging and make sure that the goods fit in the market structure. The company will eventually perform best in the local market as compared to other due to the techniques applied due to the localization strategies since the focus is on the product intelligence to reach all the customers. For example, if the yogurtland company wants to localize the products, one way will be to change the branding of the goods like supposing the company was using the red containers for packaging, the company will do a market survey around the market target surrounding to find out the color that the customers may like. The company will then shift very quickly to the make their products fit the expectation. This will increase the productivity of the business (Carpenter & Dunung, 2012).

Multi-domestic Strategy

The approach ensures that there is full maximization or control of the local managers to act of the product according to the factors or challenges that are around the company in that particular country. The strategy will allow the local authority to make decisions concerning the proper management of the products and services to ensure that there is optimization of the local markets. The multi-domestic strategy looks at the competition of the within each country where they have invested and then maximize the local responsiveness. The competition around each market differs from one global nation to another, and that is why it is imperative to allow the people who are around and understand the market structure to control the paths of the company from one level to another. Similarly, the consumer needs and desires, the industry conditions like the number and types of competitors around the firm, the political and local structures around the operation and possible the social norms that do vary from one nation to another.

Due to the extensive and intensive competition that is currently shaking the market structures globally. I will gladly recommend the yogurtland company to use the multi-domestic strategy implementation to ensure that the company survives in the market structures. Using the strategy, the company will be able to customize its products to ensure that they meet the specific preferences and the various needs and requirements of the clients (Yogurtland and Sanrio, 2011). The yogurtland will, therefore, decentralize their operations in each country to make sure that the operations are to the standards of the clients since they are very different. Apart from the customers, the company needs to understand the government policies and also the social structure which sometimes brings regular shifts from time to time. The strategy will make sure that the firm or the company will compete more efficiently in each local market and therefore an increment in the domestic market share in each country.


Since the yogurtland company was interested and the primary goal is to make sure that at least every nation globally has its branch. There are a lot of things or forces that exist in every environment that tend to hinder the operation of most companies. However, the solution to the problems lies in the proper understanding of the market especially the customers’ needs and expectations. The appropriate understanding of the market will require the standardization of the products and also apply the multi-domestic strategies to existing within the market (Yogurtland and Sanrio, 2011).


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