Thoreau, Jobs and Jane Addams as agents of social change

Thoreau, Jobs and Jane Addams as agents of social change

Social change denotes the revolution of behavior, culture and social institutions over a given period. Most of the aspects that exist in this contemporary society are as a result of social change. That said, it is important to note that the diversity of change in a given society is a reflection of the reasons for the change that stirred the respective agents (Rothaermel 143). For instance, some agents fought for human rights which led to the current freedom that the society enjoys while other agents focused on science and technology resulting to the current information age. These aspects have made tremendous contributions to human life in different fields. Therefore, Thoreau, jobs and Mulholland diverse reasons for social change was a contribution to different areas of human life.

Backgrounds of agents of change

There are agents of change who were driven by the passion for fighting for human rights and nature. People were faced with diverse challenges concerning human rights that were evident in extreme social injustices. In relation to this, we have people such as David Thoreau who was an outspoken abolitionist working as an agent to assist slaves to escape to Canada. Also, he wrote strongly-worded articles attacking the fugitive slave law and John Brown execution (Schulz 38). In regards to this, it is important to understand the impacts of his writing on issues of slavery and protecting nature. It is evident that his contribution was a significant influence for change of behavior on slavery.

Moreover, there have been tremendous changes in science and technology. Some agents majored on the technological field as a drive. Considering the agents of change in this field of technology, Steve Jobs is among them as a result of his contributions. Jobs was a savvy business leader and a co-founder of most tech corporations in the world. For instance, he was among the pioneers of the personal computers (PC) revolution through the rules of technological devices and how people should use them for efficiency (Walter 46). Besides, Jobs uncommon work and capability to foresee a market made him a legend in the transformation in technological devices and a corporate leader.

Jane Addams is among the agents of social change in the field of humanity. To begin with, she is an inspiration to the social workers as well as change agents in the social strata. She decided to live with the poor Americans voluntarily to learn and understand their needs and plight. She established a Hall House in Chicago, a social service that was assisting more than 2,000 people weekly (Deegan 97). Moreover, she was also known as a pacifist because of her contribution to opposing the First World War. It is important to note that her contribution to changing the behavior of people to foster peace was greatly felt.

Connect the agents of social change

  • Made contributions that inspired other people
  • Seekers of beauty and simplicity
  • Positioned in cultural narratives as rebels

Social change agents; Jobs, Thoreau, and Jane Addams, made important contributions that motivated people around the world. They both addressed issues that were later embraced by the people and changed the system. For example, Jobs’ understanding of the market and predictions promoted innovation. As a result, people were inspired to innovate based on his predictions. Similarly, Thoreau’s fight for nature and against slavery influenced people to change their behavior on issues. He inspired people to take care of nature as well as abolish slavery (Jeffrey 45). Jane Addams fight for peace was an inspiration for the adoption of peace globally. Therefore, it is important to understand that they both majored on issues that inspired people to change to make improve and better their lives.

These agents of social change wanted to establish a world that is simple, better and responsive. To achieve this, they sought for beauty and simplicity of the world. By focusing on issues related to technology, Steve Jobs wanted to foster a world of the improved information age to advance the lives of people. For instance, his prediction of an information system that will boost online marketing led to innovation that advanced business operations especially for start-ups (Samer 59). Through this, the world is indeed beautiful with different advances made as a fulfillment of Jobs predictions. For instance, we are witnesses to the contribution of technological advances such as computers, and cloud storages among others.

Besides, Jane Addams through her initiative of understanding the plight of poor people and assisting them was a movement to make the world beautiful and simple. She was able to support more than 2000 poor people in the US weekly. Thus, the message of the initiative was to create an environment that is beautiful by assisting the people who are in need.Similarly, Thoreau fight for freedom of slaves as well as protection of nature was critical in creating a beautiful world (Jeffrey 44). It is apparent that the presence of anti-slavery initiatives existed to make the world a better and a beautiful place to stay. In addition, the beauty of the world also depends on the conservation of nature which is the most significant message from David Thoreau.

The agents were positioned within the cultural narratives as rebels against the authorities, and status quo. At that point in time, the leaders stood by their decisions, and the status quo was resistive to any social change. As a result of this, Thoreau, Jobs, and Jane experienced a lot of resistance from leaders and the status quo to the point that they were described as rebels. It is apparent that there pressure to foster a change to make the world a better place for the upcoming generation (Samer 54). However, the authorities and the status quo were contented with the way things were being handled. Therefore, in different regions and time, these agents faced oppositions in their fight for change to improve the lives of people.

The advances for change faced various oppositions. First, through the leadership of Steve Jobs, the authorities claimed that Apple was not following the rules and that it was not like other corporations. For example, Apple introduced a tagline “think differently” to enable their workers to think creatively to change events. Moreover, it was claimed that Thoreau endorsed rebellion of people against societal norms and gave readers the strength to disrespect elders. While fighting to restore the quality of nature and respect for human rights, the move was termed to be against the social norm. Similar to Jobs and Thoreau, Jane also faced rejection while making advances to maintain peace throughout the world (Shields 102). The initiative was termed as a rebellion to the voice of leaders.

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